His Hands Only Shook a Little!

July 17, 2011 by Lord Banks  
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A typical wedding reception or was it?

His hands only shook a little.

The curtains fluttered and a welcome breeze hit his face. He awoke and rubbed his eyes and licked his parched lips. He gulped warm tap water from the bathroom sink. The shower although weak in its power was welcome and he hoped it would hydrate his skin. He shut his eyes as he rubbed the shampoo into his balding scalp. Ryan mused  ‘God the crap I was talking about last night! Why do I run off at the mouth like that to cousin’s? were they as drunk as me I wonder?’

Ryan sucked in his stomach and stood sideways and looked into the bathroom mirror. His paunch was heading south fast! He thought  ‘Get this wedding out of the way and I must cut down on the booze; in fact I will not drink until next weekend perfect!’  He slumped on the bed which woke his partner Lisa, she said,

“Have you used the shower honey? I need the toilet. You were snoring all night!”

Lisa stood up and put on his discarded shirt and went into the bathroom. Downstairs the sound of voices and laughter was a stark reminder for Ryan to get dressed. He pulled on his grey suit trousers and his silk shirt it was brand new. Lisa’s words from yesterday jumped to the front of his mind,

“This shirt better fit Ryan I can’t believe the one I bought you last year doesn’t fit you! I told you cut down on the booze a bit its all sugar you know that’s why your belly is growing like your pregnant!”

The cool silk shirt felt good on his flushed skin. The shirt fitted around the collar perfectly but the pearl coloured buttons strained to hold back his paunch. The trouser button bit into his fleshy middle he mused,  ‘At least its done up! Thank Christ she would have moaned all day if it didn’t. Well when the lights will go down for the Disco who will see my belly then’

Ryan and Lisa came downstairs and the lounge was full of people fussing over the bride’ and the groom was on the phone to his best man asking when he would arrive? Lisa sat down and began clucking over the bride. In the kitchen Ryan saw two uncles taking a nip of Whiskey from crystal glasses. He surreptitiously glided through the guests and into the cramped kitchen,

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2 Responses to “His Hands Only Shook a Little!”
  1. Cyni1106 Says:

    Good job I enjoyed this very much, I know these signs well.

  2. Secre22 Says:

    We see the signs every day in my mother no matter how much help she has been given.

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