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October 4, 2009 by webseowriters  
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This is a very special night for married couples and most wishing night for the unmarried boys and girls.

Suhagraat is called the first wedding night of couple in Pakistan and India. This night brings a lot of fun and enjoyment both for bridal and the bridegroom, you may also called it the most special night of a man or woman in life time. People doing a lot of stuff to make this night very special and most remember able night of their life.

At this night some families leave the home for one night so that the couple enjoy each and every part of this special night in complete private environment. The room is glowed with a dim light bulb or with candle lights all the night. Some friends of couple also doing some naughty things on this night, like they hide a an alarm clock under their bed to disturb them, some switch off all lights of the room from the out side, some friends knock door in mid night and ran away etc.

All this make a sound effect on the couple to feel this night lovely with a friends and family security surrounding their room. Many Indian movies in Hindi shows the complete performance and details of this special night. For more detail information you may borrow an Urdu novel about Suhagraat in which you can learn each and every thing about this beautiful night.

You may download video clips from any popular video streaming site to watch th fun of this amazing night and shared with your wife or husband.

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  1. Bollywood hot movies Says:

    Where do i download sexy blue movies video clips of Desi couples night hot scenes

  2. lyn hicks Says:

    Loved this article. I am an organic flower grower and have never done an Indian wedding. I have been to one in Alexandria outside Washington D.C. and it was so beautiful and inspiring. The flowers just unbelievable. I love being in the green market and learning of different custom and cultures regarding celebration and marriage! Thanks!

  3. kapil jewani Says:

    wow ,,,,,
    i really enjoyed the indian wedding ceremony.
    i have never ever been seen such as ,

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