Grand Wedding vs. Budget Wedding

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Which should be chosen?

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This is the topic that is going to be on the minds of lots of couples when they agree to tie the knot.  Before taking the leap of faith towards couplehood naming commitment and a.k.a marriage, this is one of the most important question of all.  To have a budget wedding or a grand one.  This question will definitely be playing around for quite some time; at least a few months or perhaps a year before the big date.

Question is, with so many trends going on nowadays that could lead to maximum wedding expenses, would you sacrifice that much money which you and your partner have saved all along?  Just for that 1 big grand date?  Or would you just stick to the basics and have a simple yet sweet affair?  Although I must add that a big grand wedding can be a simple and sweet affair too.  The only difference is the money thrown into the respective mini and maxi celebrations.  There have been lots of debates over this issue, I’m sure.  There are different theories and over the course of my life journey, I’ve encountered many people with different views.  I’ve heard a theory that says wedding is once in a lifetime event and must definitely be celebrated in a grandeur environment or setting.  Another theory says that wedding is just a celebration and something like a private momentous affair that need not be boasted to the whole world.  

There are lots of other theories as well.  Some agree, some disagree but mostly, it’s up to the individual couples tastes and they are the ones that are going to decide whether they want a budget or a grand wedding.  It’s cool if one has the buck to set up a grand wedding, as long as that decision is nothing but theirs.  There are different scenarios if we observe.  Some are pressurized by peers, expectations of others, keeping up with the standard nowadays and there is this worry that if they don’t keep up, they’ll lose out.  Something like that.  They would continue saying that nah, a budget wedding is their ultimate decision but when the wedding date arrives, guests come to witness a real grand affair and expenses that might be a tad expensive for their own budget.  Of course, some have money spared from their own savings still, but as long as there is no inkling of regret.  Question is, how far would you go and how less would you spend?  In this case, some would argue, isn’t it wasteful to have all this just for one day?  And let’s flip the coin and think otherwise.  Supposedly there is a very basic and simple wedding and there are tongues wagging commenting that the wedding affair is too simple, and start to question the financial ability of the couple in question.  To summarize: Both budget and grand affair weddings will be the talk of town.  I believe that as long as the name of the event is a ‘wedding in progress’, there will always he hot topics surrounding it.  Agree…?  That’s where the categorization of gossip comes into question.

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7 Responses to “Grand Wedding vs. Budget Wedding”
  1. Tanya Wallace Says:

    A well researched and written article with a lot of great advice for those that want to get married.

  2. Ramalingam Says:

    Nice article.A detailed analysis.But in India, the celebration of a wedding depends upon the following factors :-

    1)Whether it is a love marriage or a traditional arranged marriage; if it is a love marriage that too if it is celebrated with the approval of both parents, there is a grand wedding.In the traditional arranged marriage, mostly the marriage is the burden of the bride’s father.

    2)The second most important factor is the class in which the marriage takes place.If the marriage takes place, say in a very rich and affluent society, eg in the family of a diamond merchant, the marriage was very very very very grand.The marriage took place in the wankhade stadium (cricket stadium) which was speacially taken on rent for the marriage.The marriage invitation was studded with diamond stones and it was presented to the important relatives in a silver plate along with ten costly sweets.The invitation alone cost many thousands of rupees.To the marriage dais which was built at the centre of the ground, the bridegroom arrived in a helicopter for whose landing a helipet was also built.The marriage was so lavish, so extravagant, beyond all proportions and imagination.

    Therefore, it all depends upon how far the respective families decide to celebrate their marriage according to their economic status.

    The above said marriage of the son of a diamond merchant took place some years ago in India.It was such a grand event that still lingers in the memory of a person who has been residing far away from Mumbai.

    Thank you for posting an interesting and thought-provoking article.

  3. Darla Cooke Says:

    A very interesting article.

  4. StumbleUponWriter Says:

    Thanks Mystify and Darla for all your wonderful comments…

    @Rama I certainly think that was such an awesome wedding you have written about there. Wonderful and it was definitely a memory to cherish and for others to experience such a joyous occasion. I suppose you are right; it depends pretty much on the families of 2 sides, or depending on the individuals that are getting married. A marriage is pretty much dedication and compassion and good planning. As long as everyone is happy, the level of economy allows one to choose between a budget and a grand wedding..Thanks for sharing your wonderful insight..

  5. Joie Schmidt Says:

    Yes, the idea of a perfect wedding varies greatly – - all I say is you can’t buy a sunset. The best things in life are “priceless”.



    -Liane Schmidt.

  6. StumbleUponWriter Says:

    I like the saying very much there.. ‘you can’t buy a sunset’…that’s so nice.. :) Thanks, Liane for your thoughtful comment..

  7. princessuko Says:

    Thank Lord he leads me to this article and it enlightens me. I’m getting married soon, and my fiance and l are looking for a nice venue to held our solemnization. We have bucks on hand and able to afford for the venue. We have found 2 hotels, 1 is 3.5 stars and provide everything, another one is 6 stars also provide everything, of course the cost is 2 times much more than the 3.5 stars hotel. The difference is only 6 stars vs 3.5 stars. I’m in dilemma on not sure which hotel we should choose. My right mind told me it’s once in our life, my left mind told me that our money will just go in one day. Although we can afford but somehow l feel heart pain. We have 2 options, either it’s the cheapest or it’s the grandest. Any of you if have constructive opinion for me?


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