Get Your Fiance to Help with Wedding Plans

May 12, 2009 by t simon  
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There are ways to get your future hubby to help plan your wedding –and have fun in the process.

When they say “for better or for worse,” does this include wedding planning?

The fact that wedding planning is nerve-wracking and tiring just proves that it is a great opportunity for you and your husband-to-be to work as a team. Chances are that you’re on top of most of the decisions. He’s just waiting for the invitation and his tie. Chances are that you’re baring your claws at the florist while he’s having an afternoon barbecue with the boys.

The reality is that he’s just waiting for you to ask for his help. He’s just as overwhelmed as you are but he believes that the wedding plans are more of a woman’s thing. What will save you now is helping him help you.

Here are a few ways that he can help:

1.     Music — Get him busy with i-Tunes and come up with the ceremony and reception play list. Let him talk to the DJ, band, choir and any supplier for the music and sound system. Do let him know if there are any non-negotiables on your end. You wouldn’t want to be walking down the aisle to a heavy metal song.

2.     Legal — Have him take charge of the marriage license arrangements. Be surprised at how responsible he suddenly becomes.

3.     Transportation — He’ll have some pretty cool ideas for the limo.

4.     Wine — Recruit his tastebuds for ordering the wine. You don’t have to get all too picky between the reds from California or South Africa. Your guests won’t mind (unless you have connoisseurs in the guest list). Throw in a couple of bottles of his fave liquor or a box of brew as a little prize.

5.     Wedding rings — A traditional role for men. Don’t rob him of the privilege.

6.     Honeymoon — Pick a destination, call the travel agent, pack your bags. Simple, huh?

7.     In-laws — If you’re still warming up to his parents, and vice-versa, any issues raised by either side may become more touchy and sensitive than intended. In this case, make a pact that you’ll be the spokesperson for your own parents.  

When you do decide to delegate, make sure he’s up to the task and that he can realistically do them. It depends on how well you know him, and how much of a control freak you are. So go ahead, give him that cute smile that won him over on Day 1 and ask.

Many a decent, composed lady has morphed into the evil Bridezilla due to wedding stress. But this can be prevented with great teamwork. Remember, he’s getting married too.

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