Get married in a whisky vault – not on your life!

October 21, 2013 by Joseph Barrett  
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I suspect the couple that marries in a whisky vault, Cornish tin mine or an east London warehouse might look at their wedding photos years later and wonder what on earth they were doing. The trouble with funky fashion and hipster happening is that, well, one day they eventually become to be seen as completely naff. However, if you’re determined to hold your wedding ceremony at a location which is different to the norm, why not opt for a ‘fairy tale’ castle.

A castle wedding venue – how romantic is that?

How much????

The news all around tells us we are in the middle of very austere times, that incomes are being squeezed and luxuries are a thing of the past. One thing which appears to be bucking that trend however is weddings. A recent study has shown that the average cost of a wedding is now a staggering £18,244. At the time of writing this figure may well have increased; the figures used are taken from a study commissioned and returned in May of 2013.

There appears to be many factors which influence the costs of a wedding, not least the venue. Of course the catering, flowers, limousine hire, suit hire and bar bill together add up to a sizeable proportion of the entire bill. However, it is the venue and the backdrop which is one of the rapidly increasing costs of modern weddings. Marriage and the commitment attached to it is one of the major rites of passage in life. Increasing numbers of couples are choosing to opt for a venue which is less than traditional but bordering on the exotic.

A venue to remember

Apart from the aforementioned locations and venues which are being touted with a ‘wedding venue with a difference’ sales point, they are a bit naff from the writer’s point of view. Looking at the survey results, if anyone is going to choose a venue which is out of the ordinary, why not make it one to remember for all the right reasons. Remember, it is you that will have to look back on the wedding photos.

If you’re going to spend a small fortune on your wedding, there is only one venue other than a church which will do the day justice. It is one of the biggest events in anyone’s life. Remember the day for all the right reasons. A venue which is ‘out of this world’ yet at the same time traditional, a venue which can only mean one thing – a ‘fairy tale’ castle.

Not only is it a dream location, it is an amazing canvas with which a skilled photographer can work with to create a stunning wedding portfolio which you will cherish forever. It may sound like I am going over the top, but when you’re an old romantic at heart you can never be over the top.

Make your special day a day to remember for all the right reasons. A castle wedding venue which delivers a complete wedding day service from start to finish should be as special as the beautiful bride on the day.

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