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October 16, 2013 by LeVlad  
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A small article concerning what to do after your dream wedding.

   We all know weddings are a crucial moment in our lives and the amount of time and energy needed to fulfill and reach the expected level can be exhausting. But what do we do after the wedding? After we’ve finished planning, after the guests leave, after the bride and groom have said their vows and had their night, what then?

   The majority of post wedding activities include cleaning up for the hotel/restaurant staff, packing and leaving for the out of town/country guests, abrupt realizations on behalf of the bride and groom that their life together has just started and of course preparations for the honeymoon. Cleaning up the aftermath of the wedding is quite self-explanatory so we won’t go in depth. The honeymoon on the other hand is quite an interesting activity, whether you just got married or chose to remarry the love of your life, just because once wasn’t enough.

  The honeymoon is considered the best post wedding activity a couple can look forward to, not only because of the sheer excitement of taking a small holiday in an exotic place but also because it represents the afterparty just for the bride and groom. Most consider this activity the well deserved escape from all the stress and frustrations built up in the planning and during the wedding.

 A cultural element can make the difference between having a normal honeymoon and well going back to work the day before. In this day and age, most modern couples prefer passing up the honeymoon in order to save up for either a new car, a down payment on a new house or in some cases an expensive round-the-world trip honeymoon.

Considering the slow recovery of the global economy, most newlyweds tend to have a modest wedding with low budgets and non-expensive post wedding activities. Out of all non-expensive activities, some get more attention than others. To get a better view on the subject, we’ll point these out:

1. Opening the gifts

This post wedding activity is usually done the day after the wedding, it is an activity in which the bride and groom can start off their lives together and the guests can relax.

2. Post wedding picnic

We all hate to be rushed off whenever a party is over, that’s  why having a picnic the day after the wedding can ease the impact reality has and at the same time offer guests an extra day to relax and prepare.

3. Interactive activities

Depending on the location of the wedding, games, raffles and even semi-athletic competitions can be organized in order to prolong the fun while offering guests memorable times.

4. Photo Day

Some weddings offer an extra day dedicated to capturing great moments in frames.

5. Mystery field trip day

Although it’s a rare activity, it is quite fun. The next day after the wedding, the newlyweds and guests are given 2 hours after breakfast to prepare for a fieldtrip only the parents know of.

  There are lots of different post wedding activities that can be made, only our imagination and creativity can stand in the way of discovering or inventing them.

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