First Pictures of Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

April 29, 2011 by VirNeto  
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Here is the first glance of Kate Middleton: the new Duchess of Cambridge.

Here are the images everybody are looking for. The first pictures of the Groom!

I had recently submitted the revealed sketch of Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress. And it seems I was right! It is the same dress!

Now here’s the first glance of Kate Middleton’s wedding Dress. The real one in the New Duchess of Cambridge!

Yes, that’s right; Kate Middleton will be the Duchess of Cambridge.

Now, be the first to check Kate Middleton’s on her Wedding Dress.

I remind you that more than one million showed up in London streets and more than two billion are estimated to be tuned into this ceremony on TV and Internet media. These are just astonishing numbers!  





Keep in mind that my concern with the quality of the photos came in second regarding my concern in making you the first to see them!

Of course there will be various opportunities for you to see all the details of this Dress and the entire event.

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