Fifteen Secrets You Should Not Tell Your Boyfriend About

June 3, 2010 by Robazz22  
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When we fell in love with the man of our dreams, we feel that we want to share every thing on our mind with him. In fact this is a big DON’T because it may result in weakening the relationship instead of improving and strengthening it.

Some times sharing some kinds of secrets with your man gives him a negative impression about you, even if he succeeds to hide it. He may judge you unconsciously or he may feel hurt if those secrets are related to some negative points about him. That does not mean to hide your feelings or to act dishonestly, but you should be aware of what to say and what to keep to yourself.

Here are a few examples of what kind of secrets you should not share with your boy friend:

  1. How miserable your life was when you were a child.
  2. How bad your father treats his family. This will give him a bad image about your family and he may throw it on your face anytime later.
  3. Your feelings of insecurity that he may leave you to another woman.  He will feel that you don’t have a trust in your own self, and believe me men really hate insecure women.
  4. Stories and memories of how you cheated on your ex-boyfriend/ partner. Your boyfriend may keep alerted all the time expecting you to cheat on him as well and this may ruin your relationship completely.
  5. How bad you feel about yourself, your weight or your skin, etc. because when men are really in love, they may not notice those things.  When you tell him about how negative you feel about certain areas in your body, you simply withdraw his attention to these parts.
  6. Your feelings that you wish if you have met a man who is more handsome, richer, etc than he is. Nothing worse in a relationship than hurting a man’s ego. If he didn’t find appreciation with you, he may look for it with another woman.
  7. How you feel bad about kissing him when he wakes up in the morning because of his mouth bad breath.
  8. Telling him the secrets of your best friend. He may judge you of being unable to keep his own secrets.
  9. Telling him about how bad he looks after gaining of losing weight.
  10. Telling him that you think that you are smarter than him.
  11. Telling him that you are bad in dealing with financial matters.
  12. Talking with him about one nighters you have had in your life previously. This shows how irresponsible person you are.
  13. Telling him that you have recovered from drug or alcohol addiction. He does not need to know that.
  14. Telling him about how you feel jealous from his ex-girlfriend/ partner. Never put yourself in a comparison with her. You should look self confident and that you can’t even think of comparing yourself to her.
  15. That you feel his friend is hot.

Just think deep before taking about some secrets with him. Some secrets should remain as they are” just secrets”. If you have to speak and talk about them, it’s better to choose one of your best friends to listen to you rather than your man.

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