Fifteen Bad Wedding Proposal Ideas

June 15, 2012 by Steven West  
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Here are fifteen things that you should avoid doing or saying when proposing marriage to your girlfriend.

This is the big day that you are going to propose marriage.  Don’t blow it!  Here are fifteen things that you should avoid doing:

1.  Do not propose by giving your girlfriend an onion ring as her engagement ring.

2.  Do not propose by handing your girlfriend a basket of dirty clothes to clean.

3.  Do not propose by staring at your girlfriend’s feet and telling her that you have a foot fetish.

4.  Do not propose by bowing down to your girlfriend and saying, “I am your slave to command.”

5.  Do not propose by picking your nose, farting, or any other gross acts of display.

6.  Do not propose by giving your girlfriend a ring from a Cracker Jacks box that you found ten years ago. Do not tell her that you are saving up for a Captain America decoding ring.

7.  Do not propose by smelling your armpits and telling your girlfriend that you are sweating like a pig.

8.  Do not propose to your girlfriend by forgetting her first name or by calling her by the name of your ex-girlfriend.

9.  Do not propose by imitating the voice of one of the Munchkins.

10. Do not propose by singing, “You are so beautiful,” off key.  Never sing this song by imitating Alfalfa from the Little Rascals.

11. Do not propose by chugging down a beer and belching out, “I love you.”

12. Do not propose by comparing your girlfriend to a fungus. 

13. Do not propose to your girlfriend while doing jumping jacks and sit ups.

14. Do not propose to your girlfriend by saying how you love a woman who is shaped like a watermelon.

15. Do not propose while chewing gum and blowing a bubble the size of your girlfriend’s head.

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3 Responses to “Fifteen Bad Wedding Proposal Ideas”
  1. PeterFlom Says:

    These are certainly bad ideas

  2. johnmariow Says:

    This article is truly funny.

  3. Molly Girl 822 Says:

    Will alert my son. Never know what a guy is going to do!

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