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Las Vegas sure is one of the most attractive and interesting cities in the United States. Find out some interesting facts about Las Vegas in this article, I can bet you are going to want to book a ticket to Vegas by the end of this article!

las vegas5Tour de la Vegas

Las Vegas attracts a lot of tourists each year. Main attraction is the nightlife and gambling. Las Vegas has some of the most expensive and luxurious hotels that thrive in decadence. Here are some tourism related facts about Las Vegas.

32. More than 40 million people visit Las Vegas every year.
33. Of the total number of tourists, around 87% end up gambling during their stay at Las Vegas.
34. The nightlife of Las Vegas totally rocks. One of the most prominent things about Las Vegas nightlife is how spectacular it is – the big lights literally blow you away. If all the neon tubing in Las Vegas were straightened out, it would cover a distance of around 15,000 miles.
35. Las Vegas is one of the brightest cities on Earth.
37. The famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign was created in 1959 by Betty Willis.
38. The gigantic neon cowboy on Fremont Street known as Vegas Vic is the world’s largest mechanical neon sign. If you drive into Las Vegas at night, you can see Vegas Vic from miles and miles away. In fact, you can see it from such a great distance, that you actually get tired of waiting to reach it.

Hotels of Las Vegas

If tourism is so well developed in Las Vegas, it is but obvious that the hotels in Las Vegas will be no ordinary hotels but a little extra ordinary. In fact, such are the hotels in Las Vegas, I am wondering why no one as named Las Vegas as the hospitality capital of the world or something (though it has been named as the entertainment capital of the world). Anyway, here are some interesting facts about the hotels of Las Vegas.

39. Of the 20 biggest hotels in the world, more than half are in Las Vegas!
40. Of the 20 biggest hotels in the US, a whopping 17 are in Las Vegas!
41. Las Vegas has an astonishing 150,000 hotel rooms. If a person decided to spend one night in each hotel room, it would take him/her well over 400 years to stay in each room.
42. More than 60,000 pounds of shrimps are consumed in Las Vegas every year – that is more than the rest of US put together. This is due to a popular shrimp cocktail served in most hotels in Las Vegas.
43. With 7,117 rooms, The Venetian and The Palazzo are the largest hotels in Las Vegas (and 2nd largest hotels in the world).
44. The Mirage was the first mega resort to be opened on the Strip in 1989, that raised the bar for subsequent hotels to be opened in Las Vegas. The main attraction of The Mirage is the artificial volcano.
45. The Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino complex has a huge wine cellar. Just how huge? Well, it hosts no less than 50,000 wine bottles.
46. The Luxor Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is an architectural attraction on the Las Vegas Strip that is impossible to be missed, for the main building of the hotel is in fact a mammoth black pyramid. The peak of the pyramid hosts a fixed position beam of light that is the Brightest Beam in the World at over 42.3 billion candle power. It is said the Luxor Beam is visible from a distance of 250m above.
47. The Bellagio Hotel of Las Vegas has more number of rooms that the residents of Bellagio, Italy. It is also famous for its spectacular musical fountains.
48. Probably the most intriguing story is that of Aria Hotel. From September 2007 to September 2008, construction workers added one new floor to the building hotel every single week! The hotel has total 61 floors.
49. The Stratosphere Hotel and Tower, is the fifth tallest building in the United States. At 1100m, it is the tallest building in West Mississippi
50. The Flamingo Casino started by Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel was named by him after his showgirl girlfriend who had beautiful long legs.

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