How to Make Thank You Wedding Cards

April 11, 2010 by AllisaJohn  
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How to Make Thank You Wedding Cards.

Most newlywed couples would agree that the best parts about getting married, aside from making the official, lifelong commitment to the love of your life, is raking in the wedding gifts! All the better if you have opened a bridal registry online or at a local department store before your wedding because you will be receiving items that you have particularly chosen for yourself.

But of course, every wedding present that you get implies the need for you to send a handwritten note of thanks to the generous giver. For wedding presents, a quick email or a spontaneous phone call will simply not be enough. Your best friend, your co-worker, or your distant relative took the time to buy you that gift, so the least you can do is to personally write a thank you wedding card or a thank you wedding note, no matter how simple.

The overwhelming cost of your wedding might discourage you from buying anything again, be it as little as cards and envelopes. However, you need not spend a lot on these things. There are easy ways for making nice, high-quality thank you wedding notes and cards without much hassle.

Here are two things that will help you write thank you notes.

• Keep track of all the gifts you received.

There are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind weeks before the wedding ceremony, celebratory reception and honeymoon. Things like writing your wedding vows, picking up of the flowers, the hotel confirmation and so on are just some of the things that occupy the space in your head. With all these things in your head, it is also equally important to keep a record of every gift that you receive. Whether you write it down on a notebook with a pen, or encode it in a word document or an Excel spreadsheet, you need to take the time to jot down who sent what and when. This will be very helpful when you start writing your thank you wedding notes – you can keep track of whom you have already thanked and who are still waiting for theirs.

You can use an Excel spreadsheet to record the names and addresses of the people you have invited to your wedding. You can have a column for those who came and did not, then add another column beside it for the gift they brought.

• Make sure you use a nice piece of stationery.

Yes you can use any material that you like in your thank you notes. However, making use of decent and attractive stationery will add a positive impression to it. Classy note cards are the perfect choice and a high-quality pen will make the task even more inviting.

To show gratitude for those who have shown love and support for you as a newlywed, Thank You Wedding notes, cards, and gifts will do the trick in thanking them. You can refer to this site for better choices:

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