How to be a Bad Guest at a Wedding

August 21, 2008 by katbar  
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It’s not being bad, but it’s possible.

The wedding has been announced. People you have known for years become creatures that you do not recognize vying for an invite. Who will or will not be invited? A popularity contest explodes. People that feel left out will resort to the following tactics:

Ask the bride and groom directly for an invite and put them on the spot.

Call friends and family to check if they have received invitations. Then call bride and groom to check if their invitation has been lost in the mail.

Some people believe that you have unlimited space and funds to invite everyone – they will help you with your guest list by:

Asking for an invitation. Once the bride and groom agrees, they will then ask to bring a date as they cannot go alone.

State that you have out of town guests and they cannot be left alone for one night.

You did not get a babysitter for your children so you bring them along even though the wedding invitation clearly states adults only.

RSVP hints and tricks that have been used for people that do not wish to be invited any other social events:

RSVP is not returned by required date. Wait for the already harried wedding planner to call you to confirm your presence. This gives your invite a personal touch.

Accept the invite to the wedding, do not attend and do not explain.

Call a few days before the wedding and state that you will be busy that weekend or that something has come up.

Perhaps you are the lucky favored one and have received an invite to the momentous occasion. Additional tips for behaving badly on the wedding day and making it a memorable day for you. Who cares about the bride and the groom, right?

If you still haven’t received an invite but would like to attend drop by the reception when the dancing starts. Mingle with the invited guests.

Sit at your assigned table and listen to your music,talk on the phone or surf the Internet and ignore all other guests on table.

Go to the bar and order as many drinks as you can hold in both hands. Then just taste test all of them. Leave the rest on the table. Return to bar to order more.

Take more than one favor or ask for extras. If there are favors at an empty table take them without asking.

When going through the buffet line – take 2 plates instead of one. After all you are entitled, you brought a gift.

If you are the paid help go to the buffet table before any of the guests. Make sure that you don’t ask the host or hostess if this is okay with them.

Drink as much as possible in the shortest time so that you can become the life of the party and entertain everyone.

When it is time to go home take as many items home as you can from the reception including the table centerpiece, after all aren’t they there to be taken.

All of the hints should make you think what is required of you the guest the next time you hear of a wedding coming up.

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3 Responses to “How to be a Bad Guest at a Wedding”
  1. Catelin Says:

    It sounds like you know some of the same rude people I know!
    This is a good article. I’ll add one more to the list…being told the wedding “is casual…wear something comfortable”. Then travel several thousand miles to get there by car, to learn it is a formal wedding the night before the big day! So you show up in cotton and every woman is in silk, satin, lace, brocade. Rather intimidating, especially when the attire info was from a member of the family.

  2. katbar Says:

    Catelin, Wow sounds like the ultimate family betrayal. Why do some people go to the extremes?

  3. rehana Says:

    Nothing beats the “friends”we have here in Heidelberg,Gauteng,South Africa. Highly inquisitive ,not shy about asking direct personal ?s about:who is on our guest list; why r we inviting certain persons; suggest who we should and should’nt invite.Insist on their recommendations about who should be doing what at our function: if we have paid the caterers,planners much we’ve paid for accommodation, food!!!
    Want to know in detail the colour schemes,menu etc b4. Unashamedly Overimposing.

    Is this Rude, Chutzpah or what?


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