FAQ’s on Bridal Shower Invitations

May 19, 2009 by Anamika Thokal  
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If there are too many doubts wandering in your mind regarding bridal shower and bridal shower invitations, read some frequently asked questions.

How many people should be invited to the shower?

This is one of the most important to determine the number of guests will be invited in the shower. One thing is to consider that every invited guest want to have the opportunity to spend time with the bride. No the no of the guest may keep such that with gets more intimate.

Who should we invite to the shower?

Whom to invite in the shower is the most important, to keep in mind that is should be not too congested in any case. Invite family members close friends of bride and wedding party.          Best is to consult with the bride, before making up the guest list. Every one who will be invited in the shower should be invited in the wedding as well to avoid hurt feelings.  

Is there a “right” time to hold a shower?

As the best time of the shower is too organize before 1-2 months before the marriage ceremony. Make sure to set the date with the bride because bride will be very busy leading up the wedding in those months.

What information needs to be on the bridal shower invitations?

Main information is to be declared which will affect bridal shower. Such as date & time of the party, address where address where the shower will be held and a road map if possible, the hostess’ name and phone number, theme of the shower, bride’s decorating colors for her new home or apartment etc.

When should I mail bridal shower invitations and when should I expect an RSVP?

Those guests are living out site of the  town better invitation should be mailed 6-8 weeks before the shower and 3-4 weeks for those who are living in the same town of the bride.  The RSVP deadline should be 2 weeks before the shower. Be sure to plan for guests that RSVP late or not at all, because this happens a lot.

Where can the bridal shower be held?

There is no rule regarding the place for bridal shower. Basically it is required enough space for the guest’s to gather. It can be organized at the Maid of Honor’s home, the Bride’s parent’s home, in a restaurant or in a picnic spot.

Greet guests as they arrive. Early arrangement of a place for coats and purses they bring with them. Drinks and light finger food should be avail at the time of the reception of guests.

  • Introduction of guests with each other is very much needed because most of them may not know each other. Name tag may be helpful for a big group.
  • You can arrange couple of bridal shower game which will help them to introduce themselves who don’t know but the bride.
  • There should be enough time for every one to talk; bride can open up the gifts after the dinner is over.

Make sure that at the time of leaving of the bride and hostess get a chance to thank every guest individually so that no is missed and left unthanked  from the shower.

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