Eight Signs That You are Allergic to Your Boyfriend

June 26, 2012 by Steven West  
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Amusing list of signs that you have an allergic reaction from your boyfriend.

Do you have allergies?  Perhaps you are allergic to your boyfriend? Here are eight signs that your boyfriend is bringing on an allergic reaction:

1.   You kiss your boyfriend and your lips instantly swell.

2.   You hug your boyfriend and suddenly develop a rash around your arms and legs.

3.   When your boyfriend comes near you, you start to sneeze nonstop.  When your boyfriend moves away from you, the sneezing stops.

4.   Your boyfriend makes love with you and in the morning your eyes start to water and itch.  As soon as your boyfriend leaves the house, your eyes clear up.

5.   As your boyfriend approaches you, your nose starts to run.  The closer he gets, the more the nose runs.  You can’t stop the running until your boyfriend is a safe distance away.

6.   You find that allergy medicine does not relieve the itching, scratching, and miserable feelings you have from being around your boyfriend.

7.   You have no problems with dogs, cats, hamsters, and canaries.  On the other hand, your boyfriend causes you to heave. 

8.   Every time that you mention your boyfriend’s name, you begin to sneeze and cough.

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