Diy: Bridal Shower Favors

December 17, 2009 by psihomodopop  
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How to make edible favors.

In addition to the usual, run of the mill (noise makers and party hats… yeah I’m looking at you), party favors you should put in a sweet parting gift to remind your guests of the good time they had the previous night. And while these do take up some time to make (unless you decide to order them from a baker and shell out the dough), as well as a smidgen of skill (nothing a bit of practice wont bring you!) it is so worth it for both you and your guests. If you look ahead of the time and find the needed components online you can save a ton of money as well. The following shows how to create one party favor so just multiply all of the ingredients by however many guests you will have, and it never hurts to make a few extra as you never know what might happen!

What you will need to create your party favor:

- A piece of an 1.5 x 1.5 inch cube cake. This is not a set size, its just my favored proportions so you can tweak it to your liking.

- Some tissue paper (the gift wrap kind).

- A pastry or cake box big enough to fit your piece, and at least another half an inch higher.

- Enough fondant or gum paste to cover a cube and a half. You can get this either online, at your grocery or arts and crafts store.

- Food coloring. This is optional, if you want you can buy fondant or gum paste already in the color you would need. However, if you are on a budget watch out as it might cost you more.

- Edible pearls, these come in all sorts of sizes and colors, so coordinate them with your party colors.

- Mini cake toppers to fit onto your cake. You can find these cheaply and in bulk at party or dollar stores, as well as tiny enough.

How to create your party favor:

- Make a cake. Whatever cake you want, any color and any flavor. Just do it in a square and not circle pan.

- Once the cake has cooled off cut it into the above mentioned cubes. If you want before cutting the cubes you can cut the cake in half horizontally and put some filling in the middle.

- After your cake is cut up you need to cover each cube with fondant.

- Put the tiny cake toppers onto the cake. Depending on what you get play around with it, they all do not need to be smack dab in the middle.

- Sprinkle with the edible pearls. You can line them up neatly around the base of the mini cake, have them spilled on top of the cake, whatever it is yours to pick!

- Now line the box with tissue paper and place the cake in the box.

If you know exactly who is attending you can add an even more personal touch to these favors. Have a stack of small envelopes and blank cards ready along with a marker. Towards the end of the party sneak out for a minute and write a quick thank you note to each friend, feel free to include something specific they did that night that was special to you. Place the envelopes on the cake boxes and carry them out on a nice platter, place somewhere near the exit and ask your friends to take the ones with their names on it.

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