Diary Entry by Miss Havisham

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Diary Entry by Miss Havisham.

March 7, 1860

            I am outraged at what Matthew said to me today about Compeyson. He thinks he can say whatever he likes about my fiancee! This afternoon, he stopped me when I was about to take a walk around the brewery. He told me that Compeyson is not an honest man, and that he is only seeing me for my fortune and marrying me for my wealth! How could anybody say something like that about such a decent man?

            I have loved Compeyson for so long and I am absolutely certain that he would never do anything to deceive me. He loves me and his feelings for me are entirely true to his heart. We will be getting married next week! I am very excited. All the decorations are ready and I have prepared my wedding dress. I have no doubt that Compeyson will find me—his bride—beautiful on our special day. Oh, how exhilarating it is to be in love!

            As for Matthew, who does he think he is? I might as well evict him from Satis House forever. If he cannot accept the plain and simple fact that I am in love, then he is not welcome here.

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