Destination Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

October 24, 2013 by sankara55  
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Destination Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Ideas.

A destination wedding offers unique options for a ceremony and a reception, but what about a rehearsal dinner? The rehearsal is usually more casual than the “main event” of the ceremony, and it offers an opportunity to do something unusual and special with your wedding party and guests. Here are five ideas to get you started in planning a rehearsal dinner to remember:

  • Choose an activity that reflects the local culture. Arrange a “motu picnic” on the beach in Tahiti or a dinner paired with wine tastings at a vineyard in the south of France. If your wedding is on a beach, a catamaran cruise can be a lively dinner venue, while a beach barbecue may appeal if you’re looking for a more casual affair.
  • Pick a cuisine you haven’t tried before or better yet, plan your dinner menu around local fare.To find out what the locals eat in popular destination wedding locations, visit the Fall issue of Get Married Away
  • Add an activity. Try after-dinner stargazing or swimming. Start early and play a game of beach volleyball. Or gather for pre-dinner cocktails and watch the sun set.
  • Make the evening stand out by planning something totally different from your reception. If your reception will be quite formal, have a laid-back rehearsal dinner. If your wedding is a casual event, have the rehearsal dinner be a dressier affair with fancy food and drinks. Choose food that differs from your reception menu.
  • Break the ice. Your rehearsal dinner is a great opportunity for your wedding party and guests to get to know each other. Play icebreaker activities like passing around mementos for guests to sign or inviting guests to share stories about you. If you’re assigning seating, mix and match people who haven’t met before so they can get acquainted. Or make name tags if your guests have never met. If you’re inviting all of your wedding guests to join you, keep it simple with cocktails and heavy hors d’oeuvres rather than a pricy sit-down meal.

The most important component at a rehearsal dinner is for the couple to relax and have fun. Plan your dinner around what you enjoy and your guests are sure to have a great time, too.

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