Cut Your Wedding Costs in Half

March 4, 2009 by Liz Roberts  
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Looking for that fairy tale wedding but need a fairy godmother to pay for it? Learn how to throw the cheapest wedding ever! You can save a ton of money, from the gown and tux to the wedding reception. It’s simple if you know how and are smart with cash and connections.

Cut Your Wedding Costs In Half!!!

Even though it’s still winter , there are plenty of brides planning summer and fall weddings. Even though economic times are tough, any couple-to-be can plan on having a fairy tale wedding. It’s just a matter of cutting corners. Glamorous nuptials can still be in the future. It’s just a matter of knowing how to shave off a few cents here and there.

Chic But Cheap

Any girl can have a glamorous bridal gown. It’s just a matter of knowing how to shop for it. Most have already purchased theirs at Filenes’ Basement “Running Of The Brides” mega sale. However Target also has bridal gowns (strictly online ) as does J.C. Penney’s. Bridesmaids can also shop there. Another idea is looking on eBay or at any good. consignment store. Also look into turning the gown into something borrowed. There’s always a heap of relatives , friends and even neighbors who would love to be part of one of your wedding day traditions. As for shoes surprisingly, Payless has a whole range of very affordable bridal shoes and sandals. These can be left white or dyed to match the bridesmaids’ dresses.

A Take on the Tux

There are the budget rentals you could try or the online tuxedo stores that offer up to seventy per cent off. This is a major saving for any groom on a budget . It’s also a good sound investment if you’re planning on also being an usher as well as a groom in the next few years. Consider buying one . This will be less expensive than heading to any fancier tux store and paying an enormous fee for something that’ll only be worn for one day.

Backyard Parties

Hold both the wedding and reception in your backyard if it’s big enough. There will just be the need to rent tables and chairs. Tablecloths and plates can be bought at any party store. As for food, don’t use a big caterer. Use your favorite restaurant . A lot of places are adept at handling large parties. You’ll not only have your best loved foods but also be dealing with people you know.

From Spire to Basement

Think about having your wedding in your church or synagogue’s basement. Most houses of worship have what are known as multi purpose rooms. These are big enough for a small reception and will often provide you with table and chairs. Another good thing is you won’t need to rent limos because the reception will be only a few steps away.

Do It Yourself

If you can sew and cook you can create your own wedding. You can save your wedding party big bucks by whipping up gowns and outfits.. Some fabric stores will even give you a discount if you buy the material in bulk. Enlist friends and family to help you with beading and hemming if they’re talented enough. Also you can have friends and family help out by cooking and baking for the big day.(not that anyone wants to sit there and make five pounds of ribs on his or her wedding day). In fact you can specify that people bring dishes as opposed to gifts in your invitations.

Friends with Benefits

If your best friend is an excellent baker, ask her to bake your cake as a wedding gift. If someone is a whiz at the camera and video , then enlist them to do the official album. Get someone to be the dj with just a boom box and a few CDs. It’ll be more fun anyway with people you know . You may also want to just rent a limo for yourselves while the wedding party gets rides with each other. You can also have other friends act as designated drivers for the journey home.

Wed Now, Play Later

Who says your wedding and party have to be on the same day? You can plan a quiet elopement now and have a wedding party later. Wear the white dress and carry the flowers now, enjoy the cake and champagne later. You can host a small intimate celebration at your favorite restaurant or a backyard buffet. At least the atmosphere will be more relaxed and you can spend more time with everyone. This is more than you can do at a formal affair.

You don’t have to break the bank to afford a dreamy, wedding. If you use your mind and your budget, you can create the wedding you’ve always wanted. Better yet, you’ll have money left over for a mortgage or bills!

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    Lord, I have done it once and I sure dont ever want to do it again. But, these are great tips for those in need.

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