Compeyson’s Note

September 11, 2011 by rt  
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Compeyson’s Note.

I was getting dressed for the wedding, when Sarah came running in, holding a folded note. The note explained all, even with its simple two lines. My heart shattered into irreparable pieces that moment. How dare he toy with my heart this way! How dare he break my heart after promising his steadfast love for me! I do not need him, but I know that is a lie I will always tell myself.

Mr. Pumblechook found a perfect boy to play for me. My sick fancies are quite entertaining. He seemed quite shy and awkward when he first arrived. I ordered him to play cards with Estella. I have certainly taught Estella well. She taunts Pip very well…striking exactly where he will feel it deeply: how his hands are rough, how his boots are big, how he calls knaves jacks. Ha! I can picture him crying about how Estella treats him. She really is the perfect revenge on all the male kind.

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