Choosing Your Wedding Colors – Set The Mood and The Overall Theme Your Wedding and Reception

April 9, 2010 by AllisaJohn  
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Choosing Your Wedding Colors – Set the Mood and the Overall Theme Your Wedding and Reception.

Because the selection of Wedding Colors sets the mood and the overall theme your Wedding and Reception the selection of your wedinng and reception colors is critical to the overall event. The proper and skillful use of color can and will convey meanings to you and your guests as none of us are immune to its power. Color will affect the atmosphere of a room and the mood of a moment. Do you want your wedding to be tranquil and calming? Have you always dreamed of an elegant black-tie affair? Perhaps you’ve always wanted a wedding that is refreshing, happy, and bright? All the details from the wedding invitations to the dresses, neckties, vests, shoes and ribbons, and the wedding reception decorations, table linens, wedding flowers, and candles are vehicles for color. The colors chosen for these items should work flawlessly together to leave a lasting impression of your special wedding day.

So, where do you start? Proper color choice should solidify YOU, the bride, as the center of attention. All elements around you should work with you and not against you. If you select a dominate color that looks great on you and build from there you will be assured that your wedding will make you glow! 
Choose colors you love but consider:

1 What colors work best with YOU? Think: Your hair color, Your skin tone, and Your eye color! 
2. What colors work best with the hair colors and skin tones of your bridesmaids? 
3. What mood or emotions are you trying to create or evoke? Vibrant colors will add drama while softer colors will create a more romantic feeling. 
4. What time of year are you getting married: spring, summer, fall, winter? Christmas colors in the spring would feel harsh and summer colors at Christmas time would look weak. Don’t fight Mother Nature! Celebrate her colors of the moment! Remember, spring and summer colors tend to be lighter and brighter, while muted colors work best for fall and jewel tones are the choice for winter. 
5. What flower types and/or flower colors are available for that particular time of year? Roses are available year long, but long stemmed red roses at Valentine’s Day would be expensive and hard to come by. 
6. You will want to choose colors that compliment the carpeting, draperies, walls, etc. of the wedding reception venue. If the venue has Dark Blue Carpets and Hunter Green Drapes for example then soft pinks and light yellows would most definitely clash! Also, be sure to ask if the venue is planning to do any redecorating before your reception will take place so you know your colors will still look good on your special day. It would be a disappointment to pick colors that match the current walls, floors, and drapes of the venue, only to find out at the last moment that the venue’s colors have changed and now clash with your carefully planned color choices. If your wedding reception is going to be outside consider what colors are already present. For example, at the beach you’ll want colors that match the sea and the sand or coral; in a garden setting, consider the colors of the flowers that will be present at that time of the year. If your reception will be held in a cultural hall, most walls and floors are a neutral tone, so your color choices are endless.

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