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November 14, 2009 by KNOWLEDGE BASE  
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Now a days, there are so many new trends when it comes to bridal wear. Many of these designers all have the same idea of looking back at the past to get inspired.

Now a days, there are so many new trends when it comes to bridal wear. Many of these designers all have the same idea of looking back at the past to get inspired. Thus, it has been circulating that Renaissance wedding gowns become a fabulous option and best suited for even the most formal of ceremonies and even to casual celebrations. The look of Renaissance wedding gowns simply is amazing and a true classic. The bride will certainly look like she just pop straight out of a fairy tale book.

For me, I have a personal favorite when it comes to Renaissance wedding gowns. I like those that just have a simple design, yet with something very unique and with a flair of its own. The one that I like is called the Chrissy design. This particular one has sleeves made out of silk crepe that begins just below one’s shoulder. This kind of sleeves provide you with a great level of coverage while you are still able to show a bit of skin on the upper arms and shoulders. And then, these sleeves open on the inner side and then they trail down all the way to the knee.

What I really love about these silk Renaissance wedding gowns comes in the way that the silk fabric moves along with the person wearing it. The bride just looks like she is wonderfully floating as she wears a Renaissance wedding gown. Flow of the gown looks like it starts from these trailing sleeves that are worn like a scarf. The greatest thing about this entire dress is that it has really very light movement. For me, Renaissance wedding gowns just are enchanting works of art, and relatively cheap master pieces as well.

There are many Renaissance wedding gowns that offer more extravagant styles, really great detail and more intricate design. Of course, these types of Renaissance wedding gowns come out a bit more expensive but then you have to marvel at the skill which it took to make really excellent detail. The best of these intricately detailed Renaissance wedding gowns for me is Racheal.

The design of Rachael Renaissance wedding gowns just is truly amazing. First of all, it’s unique in the fact that it’s reversible. It is made of a satin damask material and this dress is  done in blue and covered with detail in silver rose. Take a look at the under skirts of Renaissance wedding gowns and you will find that even these are found in beautiful rose patters made of silk. The Rachael Renaissance wedding gowns has sleeves and bodice made of silk organza.

For me, these options are the best Renaissance wedding gowns available on the stores. The best thing about Renaissance wedding gowns comes in that that the design allows you to play around with a variety of options.

Every one of these gowns is made to order. You can add more details as you want. Chrissy and Rachael are even impressive enough as they are!

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