Goth Wedding Fashion

October 25, 2010 by Mark Gordon Brown  
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The goth culture is very misunderstood by the mainstream. This is a subculture that developed in the early 1980’s. Most people think only of Marilyn Manson when they think of the Goth culture, and forget about its tender side, as such I present a short look at a wedding in long coats.


When we look at Goth fashion we can see a wide range, as there are many different views on what that fashion should be, extending from the morbid, to the more classical forms of dress. I myself prefer the classical style, with clothing that appears to have stepped out from the Elizabethan or Victorian era, albeit in blacks, reds, or purples.

File:Whitby goth couple.jpg

By Alan Johnson from UK (Goth) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Goths are regular people, with regular emotions, and they too get married, and want to look good while doing so. When I got married I specifically brought two frock coats up from Michigan (an area where the goth look does very well as sunlight in places like California fades black clothing) for the purpose of my marriage.

A frock coat, for those who do not know, is a long coat, but is not a trench coat (which are more closely associated with heavy metal). Frock coats are tapered from the waist up, and flowing from the waist down. They tend to be more decorated than a trench coat, often having velvet, lace, or other ornamentation.


If one wishes to dress in a Victorian, or Elizabethan, era style dress they should, otherwise using a frock coat as a wedding gown is perfectly acceptable, and is what my wife and myself did.


Jewelry may also be worn, typically large silver jewelry, often crosses, although not always Christian in nature (the cross predates Christianity).

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  1. choochoo Says:

    Is that you and your wife on the second photo?

  2. SuperMember Says:

    Excellent share! :) comment my articles back

  3. Glynis Smy Says:

    Great pic of you and Brenda! I love the style.

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  5. Brenda Nelson Says:

    yup.. that is me and Mark in the second photo.

  6. Ubel Ein Says:

    Awesome style. Great pic.


    that’s a lovely photograph of you both, Brenda and Mark. you are both looking very refined and elegant in black. a great article, Mark with lovely phtos too. thanks for the lovely share.

  8. Rehoboth Says:

    $ nice share$

  9. Mj Ces Says:

    That’s interesting! I only knew using white on wedding fashion (especially for the bride’s gown of course). :)

  10. Starpisces Says:

    very nice, the clothes and also this write, well done, Mark.

  11. Ruby Hawk Says:

    Neat pictures guys, my oldest grandson was very taken with Goth in high school.

  12. reciel tanaid Says:

    so cool

  13. lowellpendon Says:

    Great looking pics and photos. The fashion and the style of it.


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