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November 19, 2009 by KNOWLEDGE BASE  
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My dearest friend has invited my whole family to her wedding. She even asked my daughter to be her flower girl.

My dearest friend has invited my whole family to her wedding. She even asked my daughter to be her flower girl. I felt excited for my five year old daughter since it would be her first time to be a flower girl in a wedding. I could just imagine how my beautiful my daughter would be on the wedding. My daughter has always been fond of wearing precious dresses.

My friend had chosen the perfect dress for my daughter. She told me where I could get the dress and I immediately went there. I brought my daughter to the store and had her fit the dress. I found out that the dress was a little version of the wedding gown. It was definitely such a lovely dress. My daughter really looked like an angel. The salesman gave me a choice of whether to pay it fully or not. I was surprised when I discovered that the dress costs about 230 dollars. I thought it was quite expensive for a flower girl dress. I told the salesman that I would not pay it in full. I immediately went out the store and never mentioned this to my friend.

There are weddings that do not have flower girls. However, it is always delightful to have even just one flower girl on a wedding. A flower girl is usually between four to eight years of age. If any don’t have family or friends with children between those ages then, do not force to include a flower girl in your wedding. However, if you have friends and family with children in those ages, choose a flower girl dress that costs inexpensively. If you know that your friend could not spend that much for the dress, you can pay for the flower girl dress.

On the wedding day, my daughter slowly walked down the aisle wearing her elegant flower girl dress. I thought she would cry and to my surprise she did not. However, my cute daughter did not drop the rose petals while she was walking. Sitting on the sides, I tried to remind her to drop the rose petals. Moreover, she seems not to understand me and continued walking slowly. When she arrived at the end of the aisle, she paused and dropped the basket quickly. The rose petals were there just in one area. I could hear the guests laughing softly.

Choose your flower girl carefully. Children are fun when they are on weddings. However, choose a flower girl who would not cry easily in front of many people. A lovely flower girl can add joy to the wedding. She brings smiles to the faces of your guests.

Flower girl dresses are available in various wedding stores. You can also try searching on the internet for famous flower girl dresses. There can also be wedding online stores that may sell dresses in low prices. Most stores in the mall are expensive for just a flower girl dress. There are also magazines that feature wonderful flower girl dresses.

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