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September 13, 2010 by tomlover  
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Banquet ends honeymoon back, as married slowly become far away, work and life is also dull. Last month a friend came back from abroad wanted to buy some wedding supplies, so I became her for the staff. Buy the thing, wedding dress is the most care thing for me, even more than the love of diamond ring. Yesterday evening I also sorted the wedding dress, touched the heart that dress, burnish of warm feeling again, probably this is called treasure marriage gauze of meaning. Here are some experience to sisters.

First, choosing the dress should early three months before marriage, because made the dress needs about one month, as to what needs to be changed after marriage also have time to prepare.

Second, to do homework before go to wedding dress shops, such as style, design and price, should know more about and then choose the wedding dress shop.

The third, if possible, avoid large populations, you can choose Monday to Friday, try to comfortable and the shop owner has time for your energy.

The fourth, the design before you think or the style in magazine will not suit you, but you first see then leak of marriage wedding dress is perhaps the most suitable for your behind, and you can listen to the advice of the shoppers, because she has rich experience and she knew what style suitable for what, my wedding dress is selected by that.

You should notice some tips when you try your wedding dress, first, wear various accessories, to see whether the coordinated with your dress. Second, try doing, and sat down, and lifted arms and hug, etc, and can let you determine the wedding dress action and maintains good posture, check whether the various parts of the dress skin smooth, will scratch. In addition, in order to maintain the bride dignified image, you can do in marriage gauze, if exposed the bow, they need to put collarbone curl.

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