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August 12, 2013 by lazyboy beatbox  
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A wedding speech is an incredibly big deal.

Even if the most self-confident people, who are reasonably well versed at public speaking, get the jitters when they’re asked to speak at somebody’s wedding: the weight of expectation resting on you, as the speech-maker, is pretty huge.

After all, you’re being asked to make a major contribution to the course of the day: a day that these two people (as well as scores of their relatives and close friends) will remember for the rest of their lives.
And when you’re the Best Man, the responsibility is even bigger: not only do you have to make a speech, but you make the speech (as the person who knows the groom better than anyone else) and the toast to the bride and groom.

On top of this – a sobering reality in itself! – you’re also one of the main orchestrators of the event. You’ll help to organize the wedding and reception so that it all runs smoothly and heads in the right direction; you’re expected to look after the groom, make sure his breath smells fresh and that he’s not drinking too much; and it’s up to you to make sure that the guests are enjoying themselves, that there are no sozzled hecklers in the crowd, and that – finally – everyone else is performing their duties while simultaneously having a good time.


Is there any room left over for you to have a good time? And are you beginning to understand why most Best Man candidates, even though hugely flattered, usually find it difficult not to quail under the sudden weight of all that responsibility?

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