Bengali Wedding Rituals

May 4, 2013 by Sunjhini  
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Bengali wedding rituals.

Bengali folks are known for their traditional wedding which is unique. Their love for food is also reflected during the weddings.

I have been to one of my friends’ wedding and I found their culture and rituals very interesting.

Like all other Indian weddings, there are lot of ceremonies that take place before and after the wedding apart from the main wedding.

Here are some of the Bengali wedding rituals

Bor Jatri – also called Baraat in other parts of India. It is like a procession of groom’s friends and relatives singing and dancing bride’s house..

Bor Boron – the bride’s mother welcomes once the Groom’s family and friends reach bride’s home by showing a lighted earthen lamp and placing husked rice on bamboo winnow.

Once all are seated the sweets are served

 Potto Bastra –  At the decorated wedding altar – a place where only the groom, bride and priest site, the groom is gifted clothes by the bride’s family member who would dosampradaan.

 Saat Paak – Pidi a low wooden stool, the bride sits which is then lifted by bride’s brothers and cousins and is taken around the groom seven times. This signifies that they are winded securely to each other.

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