American Idol: Sudden Death for Women, Part 2

February 28, 2013 by fifileigh  
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013.

The second set of female contestants performed, and the four judges gave them feedback before eliminating five women.

Melinda Ademi, 19, is a music major in college. She auditioned for AI in Season 10, but didn’t make it. Keith loved her performance, but the other three thought it was just OK because she was nervous. Candice, 23, is an Excursion Coordinator from South Carolina. She had auditioned a past season, but she got eliminated in the Las Vegas round. All four judges loved her performance. Juliana, 15, is from California. She writes songs with her sister, and she recently performed with her sister at her high school. She feels that she gets her talent from her father, who sings in Arabic and plays the doom-beck.The judges like her because she has her own style. Her inspiration to sing the Demi Lovato song was that someone told her to pick a song that she didn’t like, and improve it by singing it in a way that she would like to hear it. Jett, 25, is a Filipino from Seattle, WA. The judges liked her, but they sounded unsure. They were hoping that she would do more with it. Cristabel, 29, is from Texas. She has been married for seven years and she has three kids. She gets a standing ovation. Keith and Randy loved it, but Mariah and Nicki thought it was OK. Aubrey, 19, is a college student in Oregon. She grew up on a farm, and she has always wanted to be a veterinarian. The judges loved her performance because they feel that she has the full package. Rachel is a twenty-three-year-old from a small town. She is a sound writing major in college. She started singing at three years old; when she turned 10, she decided to take singing seriously. Nicki and Randy liked her but Mariah and Keith thought she was average. Breanna, 18, is a college student in Louisiana. She talks about the destruction caused by the recent hurricane in her town. It had made her stronger because she is a survivor. The judges loved her performance. Janelle is in her twenties, and she is from Tennessee. She sings a Lady Antebellum song, and the judges didn’t like her performance. Zoanette, 20, is a medical assistant for the elderly in Oklahoma. She is originally from Liberia. She gets a standing ovation. The judges loved her performance.

The judges discuss who they should eliminate. If they cannot decide, then Jimmy Iovine step in and become the tie-breaker.

Sudden Death Round: The five female contestants that are eliminated are Melinda, Juliana, Cristabel, Jett, and Rachel.

Therefore the five female contestant who will continue on in the AI competition include Zoanette, Aubrey, Candice, Breanna, and Janelle.

Tomorrow night, the second set of male contestants will perform, and five men will be eliminated.

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