A Garden Wedding

May 30, 2010 by Ruby Hawk  
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A garden wedding this time of the year is something many brides are dreaming about. The greenery is perfect and colorful flowers are blooming. It’s easier on the bank account and everybody loves a garden wedding. It does take a little planning but not as much as many other types of weddings, and nothing is more fun or enjoyable for the wedding party and guests.

It’s summer time and more weddings happen in the summer than any other time of the year. Gardens are  beautiful with colorful flowers and if you are lucky enough to have a gold fish pool, the fish are sparkling and golden as jewels.  A garden wedding might be what your daughter would love and cherish. If you are having a garden wedding or a traditional one, this guide can help you  prepare for the wedding.

June and July are the most favored months of the year for weddings and there are many things that have to be arranged. Of course you have already done the initial planning. You have your budget ready,set the date, made the invitation list, ordered the invitations, the groom has ordered the ring. but you still have to arrange for the wedding ceremony.

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You must make arrangements for a place to hold the ceremony, that is, if you aren’t planning a garden wedding, and you will have many choices. It can be a church, synagogue, hall, park, lakeside, the garden of course, or any other place of your choice. Some places must be reserved far in advance of the ceremony, others are more readily available, such as parks, lakeside, and so on.

Retain someone to preform the wedding. It can be a rabbi, minister, priest, or justice of the peace. Make sure they will be available on the date you need them.

Unless you have a garden of flowers available you will need to find a reasonably priced florist to provide the flowers. You can choose the flowers yourself. Choose the most plentiful ones.  They will be more reasonably priced and also the prettiest.

Large weddings include bridesmaids and ushers in addition to the maid of honor, best man, ring bearer,and flower girl. Choose attendants from your relatives and close friends. If the groom, best man and ushers plan to wear tuxedos, you will need to rent them. Each attendant will need to go for a fitting.

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The bride must choose a wedding gown, and gowns for the bridesmaids must be arranged for. The bride can choose white or any color she prefers. Coordinate the bride’s gown and the other gowns of the wedding party. Allow enough time for alterations if needed. And some will surely be needed.

Choose a photographer based on cost and ability. View his previous work to see if it suits you. Be sure the photographer knows exactly what you want and knows everyone involved in the wedding party. Introduce him to close family members. You won’t want them to be left out of the wedding pictures.

Have a wedding rehearsal a few days before the ceremony and be sure everyone involved attends. You might want to have a simple meal after the rehearsal, the traditional rehearsal dinner.

Good luck with your summer wedding. We have three weddings to attend in July. If anyone has any good ideas for memorial weddings gifts, please let me know. I am running out of ideas for all the showers, graduations, birthdays, new babies, and weddings. I have depleted my best ideas, not to mention my pocket book.

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14 Responses to “A Garden Wedding”
  1. Joie Schmidt Says:

    That dress is EXTRAORDINARY!!! I’m bookmarking this article for that picture… and your work is always nice Ruby!



    -Joie Schmidt.

  2. Snooky Says:

    My son and his wife had a garden wedding although in was in a park. it was beautifully done, that was 18 years ago and i still have the pictures on walls all over my house.
    very nice post.

  3. Christine Ramsay Says:

    A very helpful article. Garden weddings are beautiful but in this country you are likely to get rained off.


  4. Lwandaz Tale Says:

    I witnessed one recently, luckily the weather in my country favors it.

  5. Jimmy Shilaho Says:

    You are right. Its cheaper and friendlier on the pocket hence the popularity of the garden weddings.

  6. Darlene McFarlane Says:

    Another interesting read.

    Thanks Ruby.

  7. Shirley Shuler Says:

    I just love garden weddings, Ruby. They are so beautiful.

  8. PR Mace Says:

    I loved the dress with the red back. Yes, a garden wedding in the spring is lovely and so is a beach wedding. We see a lot of those here. I heard of someone once who had a walkway built over their pool and this was where her daughter got married with flowers and tea lights floating in the pool. I would have loved to seen it.

  9. VTech Says:

    good post

  10. Eunice Tan Says:

    Interesting piece.

  11. Intuitive Says:

    I want to see a real garden wedding, just been watching it in the movies. Lovely post.

  12. Tulan Says:

    I love weddings of all kinds but especially garden and lakeside weddings.

  13. Starpisces Says:

    nice wedding idea here.

  14. acertake Says:

    A good post, Find more info on royal wedding and indian wedding traditions also goa beach wedding and beach wedding india

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