A Brides Wedding Day Belongs to The Bride

February 16, 2012 by Emmalee Miller  
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ITS YOUR WEDDING DAY!!! So why are you feeling stressed and flustered and wanting to cry?

In my own opinion, I believe that a woman has every right to be completely selfish ONE day in her entire life.
Where she doesn’t have to think about other peoples opinions, bow down to them, feel bad about what she likes, worry that she’ll hurt their feelings because she has a different taste.
I think that every woman has the right to be utterly and completely selfish on her Wedding Day and lets be honest, WHY NOT??? Most every little girl dreams of what her wedding will be like, the amazing music, the dancing, her man, the vows, that magical moment where her lips meet her husbands, the laughter and joy, the feeling of being loved? All that pretty much equals up to PERFECT.
Yeah so what?! A bride wants one day out of her life, to have that day be completely perfect, to have EVERYTHING HER WAY! Why is that such a hard concept for people to grasp? To understand??
Now I’m not saying you have to be a complete *Beonyace* about it, but come on!!
Its the one day that no matter how many times you do it over, it will never be the same.
So of course the bride wants it to be amazing, special and PERFECT!!

So why when it comes right down to it, does the wedding day equal STRESS??
The people around the Bride should be happy for her, should be okay with ANYTHING she chooses
Because its her day. What does it matter if the dress they have to wear is super ugly to them?
It’s not there day! So they don’t get a say. What does it matter if the stress is an INCH long!
It is NOT there day, so who cares? What does it matter if the dress is a LITTLE tight around the top or not tight enough?! Its NOT there day.
Brides! It is your DAY! And this is the one day where you get to be completely selfish about what you want and how you want it!

Here are Five Tips to plan a Healthy Happy Wedding!

1. Brides be firm with your decisions. If its what you really want, don’t let your bridesmaids, sisters, aunts, in laws, grandma’s, moms, persuade you any differently.
Be up front with what you have in mind.

2. Write a list. Make a list of everything you want and check it out as you get that.
Make a list about all the decisions you decided and all the ones that are un-decided.
Make sure it is Detailed!

3. If you really want something but its to expensive, don’t just give up, there are thousands of cheap imitations, you just have to look!

4. Be respectful of what you want but be firm in your decisions. You can’t control what other people will think or feel. Just know that it is your wedding and all these other people don’t have any right to tell you what THEY want in your wedding and what you SHOULD have in your wedding just to please them.

5. Make sure you keep your groom in the loop of things, tell him everything, ask his opinion on the things you think he would like. Most grooms don’t care about details but its still nice to keep them in the loop. And if anything were to be said about you, he would know the truth. And Lets face it ladies, when it comes Right down to it, its our husbands opinions of us, that truly matter. Besides the Lords of course!

So YES!! It is Okay to be selfish on your wedding day! IT is okay to make your bridemaids wear ugly dresses, and if they don’t like it, they don’t have to be in the wedding! It’s that simple.

Written by Emmalee Miller

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