Making Choices About Your Fashion Statement

Making Choices About Your Fashion Statement

October 13, 2012 by joeldgreat  
Published in Fashion

A first step in learning who you really are is to take a good look at yourself and what you do. Then decide in which general category – sporty, tailored, romantic, or sophisticated – you feel the most comfortable.

Six Ungodly Clothes Shopping Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Wardrobe

Six Ungodly Clothes Shopping Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Wardrobe

April 8, 2008 by Kristie Leong MD  
Published in Clothing

There’s no doubt that the clothing of today can be expensive. That’s why it’s important that you spend your fashion dollars wisely to get the most “bang for your buck”. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get caught up in the emotion of choosing fashion and end up making poor decisions that can harm your bank account. Here are some common mistakes women make when choosing clothing:

Mistakes when choosing clothing: Shopping without a plan

Although clothing shopping can be relaxing, if you’re shopping to buy clothes rather than just browsing, it’s best to have a list. Otherwise the temptation to buy on the basis of emotion may be strong which can result in poor buying decision. Before you leave the house, go through your closet carefully and make a list of what you need. Once you get to the stores, don’t allow yourself to buy anything that’s not on your list. You’ll be glad you stuck to the plan once you get home and realize how much money you saved.

Mistakes when choosing clothing: Buying without trying

Trying on clothes at a store can be an inconvenience but it can also save you from making unnecessary purchases. Eyeballing an item on the rack or going by the stated size doesn’t always work since there’s so much variation in sizing these days. Take the time to go to the dressing room and try on the item before parting with your hard earned money. Make it easier by wearing comfortable clothing you can take on and off when you go shopping. Trying before you buy is particularly important in outlet stores where returns may not be allowed.

Mistakes when choosing clothing: Buying because it’s a good deal

At certain times of the year particularly around the change of season, you can find phenomenal deals on clothing everywhere. Keep in mind that it’s not a deal if you don’t need it. It doesn’t matter if that little beige Calvin Klein two piece is only $99.00 if you look horrid in beige and have too many suits already. Buying every good deal you see is a great way to deplete your bank account.

Mistakes when choosing clothing: Buying something you need to alter

Some women make the mistake of falling in love with an item that doesn’t fit properly. The intent is to buy it and have it altered by a tailor. Unfortunately, most of the time these good intentioned women never get around to doing this and the item rests in their closet taking up valuable space. Then, when they finally do find the time to have it altered, they discover the alterations will cost more than the outfit. Although there may be occasions when you’ll want to buy a piece and have it altered, it can be a costly practice.

Mistakes when choosing clothing: Choosing the wrong colors

Before you chose clothing for your wardrobe, determine what colors flatter your face and hair and stick to them. A good way to find your best colors is to go to a fabric store and hold different shades of fabric against your face. Look for colors that make your eyes pop and your face look brighter. Write these colors down and build your wardrobe around them. Even if you find a cute little red dress that fits perfectly, resist it if you look putrid in red.

Mistakes when choosing clothing: Listening to sales people

Sales people are out to make a sale and don’t always have your best interests in mind. Be.