Why Women Can Not Remove From Make-up?

January 15, 2012 by herrysm  
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Most women can not leave the house without make-up, at least the makeup lip gloss and powder always accompany.

Of the children, the women are taught not to go out with a look of what it is. Girls are required to wear a variety of things to keep their beauty. Than just a powder to protect the skin and make it not look greasy, up to refresh the look of lip gloss that often appear pale.

This habit continued into adulthood, making the woman can not go out without make-up. However, the results of research to find other causes that are not so aware and have great impact on women.

A study to find out the factors that most determine the woman in choosing cosmetic products. The survey involved 355 women ages 18 to 60 years, and they were asked to evaluate the effectiveness of the products they use and evaluate their emotional reasons in choosing a brand of cosmetics.

The result is not surprising, consumer satisfaction was directly related to how the product is advertised and emotional appeal that is used to attract consumers. For example, if a product to promote its product can make you look more feminine, then it will immediately attract women because basically every woman wants that.

In addition, dissatisfaction with one’s appearance will also be the most powerful factors that influence women’s interest in cosmetics. In the present study found that in order to attract the emotional side of women, a brand will show images of something unusual, which is described as ‘not pretty’ or ‘unattractive’. Then embed a picture of beauty that can be accomplished woman with the products offered.

Another factor affecting women is the packaging of cosmetic products. Packaging products with beautiful, fragrant, seems fine and smooth, although women are always attracted the attention of the effectiveness of its function is not necessarily as good as its packaging. So, if you do not want to be confused by the promotion of products and want to be beautiful according to what it is you, check again the factors above and select the product that really suits you.

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