Why People Choose Circuit Breaker Over A Fuse

March 26, 2013 by soumyadipsaha  
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When dealing with electricity, the number-one priority for each household owner is safety.

When dealing with electricity, the number-one priority for each household owner is safety. Electricity is truly amazing and beneficial, but there are times when this wonderful technology becomes a source of catastrophe. To avoid this from happening, most households install a safety device that will automatically cut the electric supply in order to avoid any further damage.

For this reason, there are two common types of safety devices to perform this function, the fuse and the circuit breaker. Over the past few years, though, there has been a continuous trend that seems to favor circuit breakers over the fuse. In fact, most households today, especially new ones, are now switching to the circuit breaker. So, what made this change? Read the following to know the different reasons people are now using circuit breakers rather than the old, traditional fuse.

A circuit breaker is reusable

If you are familiar with or have grown up with the fuse, you might have experienced seeing your dad changing a burnt fuse. A fuse has a very thin metal inside it that, when there is an excess electric current, will automatically melt, thereby interrupting the continuous flow of electricity.

This is not the case when it comes to Wadsworth circuit breakers, however. The circuit breaker has a certain internal mechanism that allows it to ‘break’ the electric flow when an abnormal power surge is detected. You do not have to replace any part of the circuit breaker when it is tripped. All you have to do is to turn the switch on again to bring back the electricity.

Reaction time difference

While it is true that fuses have a shorter reaction time when it comes to interrupting the electric current, the circuit breaker is still preferred in most households since the reaction time difference between the two devices is not significant enough to affect performance. But, if you really need high-precision breakers, then there are circuit breakers, though more expensive, that have the same or sometimes even faster reaction times than fuses.

A circuit breaker is cost-effective

At first glance, you might doubt that a circuit breaker is more cost-effective than a fuse. In fact, a fuse is way cheaper compared to a circuit breaker. So, what makes a circuit breaker more cost-effective than a fuse? The simple answer lies in the long-term use of the circuit breaker. Even though a fuse is cheaper, you still have to buy a new one regularly, or keep spare units in case of a burnt fuse. This means that the compound cost of replacing a fuse will lead to a higher cost for the household. Not only that, but you have to face the inconveniences of changing the fuse every once in a while. When you use a circuit breaker, though, all you have to do is fix the problem and then turn the circuit breaker on again.

These are just the two of the reasons why people are now choosing the circuit breaker over the fuse. If you are still using fuses in your home, then it may be time for you to make a switch to enjoy the benefits of circuit breakers.

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