Why Gold Is The Most Popular Metal

July 18, 2013 by adilkaya  
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Gold, some choose to be buried in it like the famous egyptians.

Gold, some choose to be buried in it like the famous egyptians, some choose to wear it in forms of jewelry, some choose to sell and buy it, pay with it or even pray on it in temples around the world and even start wars over it. Whatever you choose to do with it, gold is the most popular metal, but why is this?

Gold served a purpose of being a universal symbol of wealth and power amongst royals and people of meaning, most popular being egyptians who were buried with all of their gold in the famous pyramids. Gold was incredibly rare, and even though it is still seen as a rare metal, it has become increasingly popular in todays society and within the stock and investment community.

The appeal to gold is eternal, this is because the demand for gold is higher than the supply of gold, meaning people want more gold than there actually is. This is because the process of panning and mining for gold is a painstakingly slow process and the sources and location in which there is gold within the earth is minimal, it can not simply be made like money, and this is what makes gold precious and an almost rare product and metal.

Another reason why gold is the most popular metal is that gold is a stable metal in which to invest in. This is because gold is not linked to monetary affairs, meaning that although Europe and the United States are in a time of economic crisis currently, this will not affect the prices and the luxury of owning gold, as gold can not simply be made like other stocks can, it has to be mined. In fact, when the value of the dollar in America fell, the value of gold rose.

This is the main reason why gold is so popular at the moment, as many countries have witnessed their banks collapse, gold has remained stable and on the rise. Here are some reasons for buying gold

Gold is valuable because of its unique properties, it is a soft yet extremely durable metal, meaning it is easy to mould into various shapes, when heated to a certain degree. Gold doesn’t corrode, rust or tarnish over time, meaning it last aesthetically pleasing over time.

Gold is seen as a rare metal, it predicted in fact that if all of the mined gold in the world was collected, it would only form a cube that measures just 19 metres on each side and that if all of the gold was shared out, there will only be around a third of an ounce to each person’s name. It is said that for every 250 trucks containing 20 ounces of earth from a gold mine, there will be only 0.7 ounces of gold.

Over all, gold has always been and will continue to be a popular metal. From the princes of egypt, to the investors of today, the commodity of gold will never diminish.

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