Where to Find Discounted MAC Cosmetics

November 28, 2010 by Meibelle212  
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Just some tips to help fellow make-up lovers find discounted MAC items.

Are you a MAC Cosmetics lover? Do you hate how expensive it can become? If you love the sophisticated packaging, limited edition colors, and creative collections of MAC, you know it can get quite pricey trying to keep up with all that MAC offers. However, it is possible to find and purchase MAC at a discounted price. All it takes is some research.

The first way to get a discounted price is to apply for a MAC Pro card. Only apply for this if you are a model, make-up artist, or someone in the cosmetics industry. There are guidelines about how to apply if you are unsure.  Once you apply and are approved, there is an annual fee of $35.00.  However, if you do buy MAC cosmetics on a regular basis the fee will be worth it.  Depending on what industry a person participates in, they can receive up to forty percent off their products.  The MAC Pro card can be used for almost any item that MAC offers. There will be certain collections where a person will not be able use their card. This is a great option for make-up artists who are tight on cash but would love to build their professional kit with MAC products.

Another way to get discounted MAC cosmetics is going to your local CCO (Cosmetics Company Outlet).  Often found in outlet malls, these stores contain expensive department cosmetics also at discounted prices. MAC is usually found amongst the different brands and each store can sell a variety of different MAC items. This is great for people who want to get their hands on some limited edition items that they missed out on. Prices can vary depending on which CCO a person goes to. One downfall of going to a CCO is that there is no guarantee on which products will be available. Each will have a different array of MAC cosmetics.

The last way to get discounted prices or limited edition pieces that you missed out on is searching for wholesale sites such as All Wholesale Cosmetics. You must make sure that these websites sell authentic items. There are many who will claim that they are selling authentic MAC cosmetics when all they are doing is scamming you. This is a great option if you are strapped for cash and if a MAC Pro card of CCO is unavailable.

Finding discounted MAC cosmetics can be difficult for someone who doesn’t know where to look. Hopefully these tips are helpful to you and you will be able to find that happy medium between saving money and buying your favorite MAC products.

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