Top Five Etsy Shops to Visit This Week

July 9, 2011 by Jeni Jordan  
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From bridal corsages to zombie patches, check out these five etsy shops for handmade items that rock!

M. Trussell, the creative mind behind Wrath of Ra, has a shop filled with beautifully created art that pays homage to Egypt.  The Canadian artist lives in Seoul, South Korea currently, but ships worldwide.  Aside from the fact that his paintings are gorgeous, they are also eco-friendly.  He paints on wood that has been discarded.  Due to the found nature of his material, the paintings often vary in size. 
Nefertiti, shown above, measures 2.5 ft. x 2 ft. and is painted on a wood panel.  This particular piece has been featured in an art show, as have several of his pieces.  Nefertiti is one of the artist’s personal favorites.  Smaller works painted on tops from a wooden wine box are also available at Wrath of Ra. 
Wrath of Ra also has Egyptian themed works painted upon rocks and wooden discs. 
Wrath of Ra offers quality work that would look great in any room or decor.  The pricing is more than fair, considering the amount of talent this artist exhibits.  All the work in his shop is original. 
Visit Wrath of Ra today and add a touch of Egypt to any house.

Inspired by her mother and grandmother, Kathy Preston, owner of offers up one of a kind handmade stuffies made from vintage fabric.  Pretty fabric with light hearted patterns make up super cute toys for boys and girls of all ages can be found in her shop.  All of her items are made by hand.
Kathy also offers up a great selection of apparel for babies ranging from super adorable onesies and bibs featuring kitschy designs, such as vintage record players and waffle irons.  Be sure to check out gnorasaurus for terrific baby shower gifts. 
T-shirts are also available for small children and adults.  The same originality and interesting themes can be found in all of her items.
The stuffed heart, shown above, features beautiful vintage fabrics, as well as a treasure pocket.  The pocket can be used for a tooth fairy pillow or even a romantic gesture.  Fill it with love notes and a (wrapped) chocolate and place it on the bed. 
Gnorasaurus has unique, handmade items that will appeal to all ages. 

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2 Responses to “Top Five Etsy Shops to Visit This Week”
  1. Christine Says:

    Another huge thank you to the author, Jeni Jordan for an amazing article. We are indeed honoured to be included with such great shopowners here! Do take the time to visit each and every one–you won’t regret it. :)
    -Christine of ACB

  2. Jeni Jordan Says:

    Thanks so much Christine! I had lots of fun window shopping and browsing to find shops for the article.

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