Tips to Buy Cosmetics False Not Fooled The Makin Many in The Market

June 15, 2013 by delpiero10  
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Tips to Buy Cosmetics False Not Fooled The Makin Many in The Market.

“The rampant sale of counterfeit cosmetics dangerous devastating. Cosmetics sales figures increased circulating counterfeit. Number of fake cosmetics trade on the market today as much as 15 to 20 percent.

“”These numbers are huge and growing trend because his actions are not as fast as it should. Handling catching it shall be done and the public need to be made aware,””.

An increasing number of counterfeit cosmetics circulation occurs because many women are tempted by cosmetic affordable price, without considering whether malicious or not abortion. Dangerous cosmetic products are much ‘loved’ women are bleaching creams. Though not necessarily the ingredient is safe for the skin.

Negative impact not only on the skin but also impact on the health of the body, such as shortness of breath and kidney. In order not to be fooled buy cosmetic products are harmful tipsnyya consider the following:

1. Buy at Authorized Distributors
Buy cosmetic products in an official distributor for security products. Buying beauty products in unauthorized places you could potentially get a fake cosmetic products.

2. Product Content Check
A dangerous cosmetic products containing mercury, hydroquinone, retinoic, resorcinol and mercury. So the more conscientious consumers are encouraged to look at the content label products listed. Avoid products that contain harmful ingredients if you do not want to feel irritation or even damage nerves and internal organs.

3. There is a license code Edar
Each product has a code official marketing authorization. To find out if a cosmetic brand has a marketing authorization code or not.

4. Wary When Buying Products Online
The rise of online sales on Facebook, Instagram and buying and selling websites make consumers facilitated the purchase transaction. But you should be wary when buying cosmetics. You will be hard to check the packaging, labels, and content marketing authorization code if it is not seen directly.”

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