The Wal-Mart Thing!

November 13, 2008 by hfj  
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The dreaded once a week trip to Wal-Mart.

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I made my once a week visit to ole Wal-Mart yesterday,
My wife drags me in there every week, to look at their displays.
A lot of sad men’s faces I see following their wives around the store,
Wishing they were anywhere else, when they enter those automatic doors.
My wife looks at the same old stuff on each visit that we make,
Hoping she’ll find big bargains, or use some coupons that she takes.
I’m so tired of doing the Wal-Mart thing each and every week,
Pleasures it brings to our wives, but its not the entertainment us men seek.
But i’ll go along like a good husband, and do the Wal-Mart thing,
Because it makes my wife so happy, and the joy on her face it brings.

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19 Responses to “The Wal-Mart Thing!”
  1. darklight Says:

    I am a wife, I never drag my husband through the weekly wal-mart trip. I am not that cruel. I suffer the agony of that god forsaken store on my own and consider myself to be taking one for the team.

  2. Chambo Says:

    Hey dude, I love Wal Mart. So much to see. I suppose I did only live in America for a year so it was quite a unique experience each week. Luckily they have a coffee shop in there for when your legs get really tired! haha

  3. Captive Phoenix Says:

    heheh Yup I could hear my brothers groaning on the menion of Wal Mart

  4. Patrick Bernauw Says:

    Yeah, I can imagine that!… Nice flow! And your work is really entertaining too!

  5. Will Gray Says:

    I can relate to this! My wife got so frustrated with me wanting to hurry up at Wal-Mart, she prefers to go alone now. YEAH!

  6. s hayes Says:

    men miss out on the joys of shopping :) x well observed fun

  7. Bo Russo Says:

    I really like the poem,but I like Wal-Mart too.What I DON’T like about the trip is the drones walking the aisles, crashing into you,stopping in front of you,they never say excuse me,they act like nobody else is there except them.

  8. Debra. Says:

    I agree with Bojack. It seems that some people just don’t have manners. My husband says I take too long.

  9. goodselfme Says:

    A fun read indeed! Well composed. Don’t let your wife see this one.

  10. Kim Buck Says:

    Happy wife = a happy life!

  11. Brian Daniel Stankich Says:

    that’s hilarious…and like Kim says, if momma ain’t happy…

  12. Tennessee Thompson Says:

    Great poem. It is always funny to read this poem.

  13. Darren Goad Says:

    Worst day of my life… Christmas Eve at Wal-Mart. Never again! Nice work.

  14. friendshipter Says:

    It seems you may need to have a heart to heart talk with your wife and come up with suggestion to make Walmart a pleasant
    experience for both of you. Does she know this? Ask her to go
    to other stores. Beings your wife likes bargains.. find when
    they do there sale days. Beings they receive POUNDS of food,..
    everyday.. they need to get rid of the original goods. Now,
    thats is where you can save “BIG TIME”. I personally do not like
    coupons.. if you notice you are spending more to get the sale
    $. Buy (2) of something. For just change or 1.00. Not much of a
    savings, really. I personally love generic foods,. Bring a list
    and try not to add on to the list. hahahaha.., right? Ur friend, nikki101, hope this help..

  15. Jo Oliver Says:

    Oh not all wives love Wal-Mart. I hate them- they take all my money lol! Your a good hubby to suffer the Wal-Mart trip each wk :)

    BTW: Thank you so much for all of your comments on my work. They were so nice.

  16. Cynthia Cox Says:

    funny read and oh so true.

  17. PSingh1990 Says:

    Nice Share.


  18. albert1jemi Says:

    gud work

  19. jaidadiz Says:

    While it is true you must realize, us wives hate some things men do to, but for love we do it anyway just like you do, to see the happiness on their face. Thanks for showing love

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