The Modern Woman and Her Fragrance

October 22, 2010 by srbasu  
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Flavor, like an invisible cloud of Enchantment Envelops the Woman and Dragged her Subtle, barely Perceptible Train.

Flavor, like an invisible cloud of enchantment envelops the woman and dragged her subtle, barely perceptible train. And even after leaving the room some more time is saved fragrance. That is why the choice of fragrance a modern woman pays such close. Few limited to one single flavor. After all, life presents us with a variety of life situations in which one flavor it would be appropriate.

For example, going to work in the office is not made use of bright and strong flavors, as they may cause irritation to dizziness or even among colleagues. Office fragrance should be as easy and unobtrusive. It is best to use toilet water and a neutral flavor.

But the scent for a party or a trip to the restaurant can be more saturated and bright. For this situation, the most elegant suit spectacular stable perfume. It will give your appearance charm and mystique.

For a romantic rendezvous need very special scent that attracts and seduces, charms and fascinates. Perfume for romantic rendezvous must be remembered, that only one flavor I make the heart beat rapidly in anticipation of the appointment.

As you can see, a collection of flavors of a modern woman should have at least three different flavors – a light fragrance for the office, bright and saturated – for parties and restaurants. And especially and charming for a romantic tryst with a lover.

But most importantly – all of these fragrances do not have to annoy the woman herself; they should bring joy and pleasure, and not cause irritation and headache.

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