The Language of Flowers

October 21, 2013 by MountainNana  
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Did you know when you buy flowers as gift for someone that different flowers have actual meanings when you present them. Each bouquet or even a single bloom can speak volumes if you know what the flower means.

People like to give flowers for many occassions.    For a date, or a birthday,  sometimes for someone who has been or is ill  and in the hospital.    Some flowers are given for graduations or anniversaries. Others are sent in condolence to the family of someone who has passed away.   Flowers have a language all their own.    If you want to give a really wonderful message here are some suggestions.  

Alyssum is often used in bouquets and it has a meaning that says someone has a sweet personality.   Aster’s portray patience and elegance.   Bergamot otherwise known as bee balm depicts sympathetic thoughts.  

Pansies sent are saying Please do not ever forget me.   At times these are sent when someone beloved has passed such as a young child.   Sending four leaved clover depicts luck and blessings.   White clover says think of me.   Spring crocus shows feelings of joy and youth.  

Daffodils tell someone you are sending your regards to whatever the occassion may be.   White daisies depict innocence, parti-colored daisies beauty and the Michaelmas daisy says farewell.   Where as picking a bouquet of wild ox-eye or shasta daisies tells the reciever that you will remember them with great fondness.  

Yes even that bane of gardeners and lawns the ever present bright maned yellow dandelion has a message that is full of love and children adore this bright sunny weed and often gather fistfuls to present them to mom or grandma as a great gift of love.    Adding fern to the bouquet says you are sincere.   Forget me nots mean true love.  Gereniums depict comfort if scarlet in color and steadfastness if they are wild.    Gladiolus say you are strong of character and goldenrod depicts one should tread carefully.  Hollyhock states one is ambitious and fruitful.   Hyacinth means a companion of pleasure and joy.  

Hydrengia states you might be cold and uncaring toward someone.  Red iris says one is burning with passion while a yellow one says you are the object of passion.    Ivy is considered to mean fidelity in keeping vows that are sacred such as marriage. A Yellow  Jasmine says the bearer has joyful news and a white one says they are freindly.

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