The Cost of Shopping with QVC

March 10, 2009 by Maz  
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When shopping with QVC isn’t as cheap as you might think.

The television-shopping channel Q.V.C is undoubtedly popular, with branches in the UK, U.S.A, Canada and may more planed to open across the globe. Q.V.C (Quality Value & Convenience) has rightly earned its place among the top shopping channels with its brand of quality products, great variety, affordability and good customer service. In many ways Q.V.C has lived up to its name; the customer gets the quality and affordable products of his/her choice just by a simple phone call or order online and even order by text. Having said that Q.V.C is not without its flaws or pitfalls and it is these that we share discuss further. 

Q.V.C manages to lower the price of products because the manufacturers of these products are able to sell large numbers of their stock in a space of an hour or even less. Thus in a way Q.V.C passes the benefits of ‘bulk buying’ to the customers. Furthermore the saving on dealing directly with the manufactures (by cutting off the middle man) further encourages the manufacturers to lower the prices. However QVC charges for shipping costs, the cost of which varies depending on the weight of the item(s) bought. Suddenly the top that cost £15 ($18) is actually costing £18 ($36)! These shipping costs can be as high as  £23 ($46) for heavy items such as exercising machines. 

Shipping costs are not the only additional costs that need to be considered when shopping with Q.V.C. For if the item bought is not what the buyer expected for whatever reason, the buyer will have to pay for postage to return the item. So you could end up spending £23 ($46) for an item that you don’t even want or have anymore (item you returned). There has been cases whereby customers have purchased something from Q.V.C, which happened to not be as great as when advertised and decided to keep it anyway simply because the cost of returning the unwanted item is more than the customer is willing to pay. The customer ends up short changed and stuck with an item they don’t even want.

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The other costs lay in the method of payment that some customers may use. In these difficult times financially some customers may opt for payment via cheque order rather than through their credit/debit cards. Using postal orders (obtained from post offices in the UK) incur additional charges. The post office will charge a fee depending on the total sum to be paid (order total), which can be up to £10 ($20). On top of these costs additional costs come when customer chooses to send the postal order by one of the guaranteed (special delivery) deliver methods offered by post office. Special delivery options range in charges to costs above £10 ($20) per letter.

As you can see it doesn’t take much for that top that was only £15 ($30) to suddenly cost you near doubly double the initial cost. Therefore make sure that what you are getting from Q.V.C is really of value, affordable and useful to you to avoid disappointments and wasting money. Otherwise you may be better off browsing for bargains at your local mall.

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