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July 25, 2013 by adilkaya  
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The dressing table is the one place in the home which is free to be effortlessly feminine.

The dressing table is the one place in the home which is free to be effortlessly feminine, unashamedly covered in pink or pastels and flowers and frills. With the resurgence of interest in vintage glamour, this year’s hottest styles hark back to years gone by   without compromising on function!

1. Vintage Chic
When sat at the dressing table, things need to be beautiful as well as useful. It’s a place to sit and apply makeup and perfume, to put on jewellery and cast one final glance over everything before setting out for the day. Your surroundings should complement this atmosphere. Vintage styles are effortlessly easy to combine with modern technology, working together on the dresser to make you smile. Paper covered jewellery boxes and storage cubes are ideal places to store trinkets, available in a variety of dainty patterns. Try those with floral designs for the traditional appeal, else consider something more unusual like birds or pictures of fashionable ladies in period gowns. These work wonderfully alongside little trinkets in neutral and pastel colours, with little ornaments sitting atop the jewellery box and guarding the secrets within.

2. 1920s Deco Twist
For a slightly more modern variation in your dressing table accessories, look to the 1920s. Glassware, mirrors and metals feature prominently, bringing contemporary style with a retro finish. Something unusual like a dark glass vase shaped as a handbag can look incredibly striking. Fresh flowers are always a bonus in the dressing area, too, with their beauty and scent being difficult to resist. Clear glass trinket boxes and jars with interesting lids make novel ways to store jewellery, with the added bonus of being able to see through to the contents without opening them. Scent bottles are a popular and stunning choice, in coloured glass with metal decorations of butterflies and flowers with pearls. Likewise, the pinnacle of traditional style: delicate silver backed hair brushes and hand held mirrors unite the old with the new and make a talking point like none other. Finish the dressing table with a selection of favourite photos in miniature silver photo frames for timeless appeal, making the dressing table part of your home and something you will enjoy using.

3. Quilted Comfort
An alternative to other dressing table accessories, quilted fabric pieces bring a warmth and sense of comfort to the room whilst remaining chic. Embroidery is a favourite of women both young and old. Cushions with appliquu decoration and quilted details are everywhere at the moment, softening wooden finishes and looking fresh with white dressing tables. The wide variety of colours and printed fabrics available mean that cushions and other soft items can be co-ordinated into any overall scheme, even matched with candles and scarves to beautiful effect. Consider leaving scarves out, displayed on the dressing table or hung behind it to make a backdrop of crepe de chine and silks.


Alice North writes regularly for a number of websites and blogs on the subjects of leisure and design, herself being passionate about interiors and closely following the latest trends. More at home with historical styles than modern ones, her favourite stunning dressing table accessories are reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour and she believes every woman should have a place of beauty in their home.

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