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July 14, 2011 by Lovelessandsympathy  
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Jessica Ann-Marie goes researching in the centre of all towns and looks deep into the beauty myths to find a cheaper but still amazing looks!

  • Introduction

  • Save at least 50% on your make-up bag

  • Bargain Designer Buys

  • Make a few changes


Waking up on a Monday morning is bad enough then when you look tired and plain it is almost as if you are scared to look at the bathroom mirror. So ladies, freshen up and follow these beauty tips to save money and to look better than the average big spender!


When I walked into Boots to find a brand new make-up bag I was shocked at the prices. £12 for a small Ted Baker floral print bag, great price for a designer brand but for the size you’d be better using a Tesco sandwich bag. Now if your looking for a designer brand make-up bag go looking at or and buy at cheaper price than the average retail price.


- Do you wear glasses?

Buying designer glasses at the opticians is or can be expensive so why not buy the frame off eBay and get the opticians to fit the lens in the frames from only £70?* – Cheaper cost than spending from £200.

*Subject to opticians

 Bargain Designer buys are found in most stores during these times:

- End of Summer Sale (Mid-August)

- After Christmas Sale (After New Years)

But if you cannot wait to these times then try these bargain online shops/websites:

Make some Changes…

- Forget foundation when you can try Nivea Tinted Mosturizer at a RRP of £3.99 available at

- Try a cheaper press powder we recommend Rimmel and Maxfactor. has trusted sellers selling these top press powders brand new for at least £2 cheaper than in store prices.

- Eye pencils are on averaged replaced twice a month and are retailed at around £1.99 for top brands. But try Maybelline’s new liquid studio eyeliner at £7.99 from and you will only need to replace it once every two months and you’ll get these hot party looks:

- RRP: £7.99   Maybelline and Barry M eyes.

 Maybelline Studio eyeliner and coral eyeshadow.


After making these changes I guarantee a saving of at least 10% from your previous month’s make-up bag.

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