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April 5, 2013 by Ruby Hawk  
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There are perfectly good cosmetics that work just as well as the more expensive ones, and at a much lower cost. If you want to use alternatives to the pricier items. Check these out.

I always look for the lower priced items. I am very stingy with a buck and I have found that my products work just as well an my friends cosmetics, which are more costly. I refuse to pay 30 dollars for eyeliner when good ones are available at less than half that price. A good strategy is to go by the high end department stores and check out their expensive products, then go to your favorite drug store and find similar products. It works every time. If you check the ingredients, you’ll find the lower priced items are basically the same as the expensive ones.

For example, Nars Blush costs about 28 dollars, it’s popular and many women lay down the bucks, but there are plenty of mimics at drug stores for vastly lower prices. Two are Luminoso by Milani, at $7.50, and  Maybeline’s Peach Satin at $8.49. I’m not sure but you can probably check online and save yourself the legwork. Although the exercise is good for you.

I believe you can type in “Drugstore dupes” and the expensive products you want to duplicate, and you’ll find blogs that’s been put together by bloggers who have discovered the secret of good but low priced cosmetics. Some of the lower end cosmetics don’t have the exact the same ingredients as the more expensive, but they are pretty close and some are the very same.

I have found that some of my drug store  cosmetics are actually better than the expensive ones that have celebrity advertisements and pricey campaigns. How I know, is that I compare my less pricey products with my friends more costly ones and their satisfaction. So, ask yourself, is it worth paying more for the expensive brand, when there is a less expensive alternative that works just as well.

Here are a few less costly products lined up with the more expensive. For $4.99 NXYSahara,Ultra. Rather than MAC Naked Lunch eye shadow for $15.00.

Rimmil Airy Fairy lipstick for $5.20 rather than MAC Fabby for $15.00

L’oreal Voluminous mascara for $5.59 rather than Dior Diorshow for $25.00.

O’real Lineur intense eye liner for $6.65 rather than Lancome Artist for $29.50.

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