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April 27, 2012 by QueenBrittany  
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These are some of the make-up products have have gotten me from never wearing make up because it was too difficult to products that I can’t live without!

I’ve always found putting on make-up to be difficult. I was always afraid my colors didn’t match and never knew what shades to buy. My eye shadow never looked like the commercials told me it would! Then one night my best friend and I were going to a club and I showed up with no make-up and she had just went make-up shopping and decided she wanted to decorate my blank face with her new purchases. Well, we ended up not arriving to the club until all our friends had left, but my dear best friend awoke some sort of make-up monster in me! Since this has happened, I have finally been able to wear make-up that looks great, stays on, doesn’t break my skin out, and has helped give me that little bit of a confidence push that, unfortunately, we girls need from time to time!

These are just my favorites so far! There are foundations, eye shadows, and mascaras galore that are on my to do list. So really, these are just my favorites…. For now!



1.       Painterly – Paint Pot by MAC: A lot of the time, this is what I use as my eye shadow primer. It doesn’t feel heavy and it really gives a good foundation to your lid before applying eye shadow. My eye shadow never creases up and still loves great hours into the night.


2.       Naked Palette by Urban Decay – Starting out, I wanted a collection of eye shadows that were neutral enough to go with anything and not too wild, but still gave me enough fun colors to play with so I could have countless option when it was eye shadow time and I wanted it to look great and stay on! Found it! This palette has a great layout of colors from dazzling light colors like Naked, Sin and Virgin that make your eye look bright and glowing to colors so bold and distinctive like Hustle, Creep, and my personal favorite, Gunmetal. That’s not all this Holy Grail of makeup holds. There are plenty of stops in between like Half Baked, Toasted, and Sidecar that will leave your eyes looking stunning. I’ve never found another brand of eye shadows that has such great pigment in their eye shadows. I’ve never been disappointed with a purchase when I purchase a new shade of eye shadow from Urban Decay.

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  1. slub2003 Says:

    I love UD Naked Palette!

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