Want to Buy Wholesale $3 Gadgets Products and Why I Choose Buyonme.com Direct?

July 12, 2011 by imangel  
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Want To Buy Wholesale $3 Gadgets products? We want to know.. Many guys like to buy from buyonme.com direct and Tigerdirect. If you also want to choose a legit store without online scam, the following factors are something you should consider:

Want To Buy Wholesale $3 Gadgets products?

We want to know.. Many guys like to buy from buyonme.com direct and Tigerdirect. If you also want to choose a legit store without online scam, the following factors are something you should consider:

Shipping time

Reasonable price

Easy to use site interface

Return policy

CS with live chat

With good quality


buyonme.com direct shipping time is about 3 weeks. Most package are no more than 2 weeks. The longest time I have waited is over 25 days. Shipping time is not very important to me if I finally receive the item.


$3 Gadgets from Buyonme are in good quality with cheap price. Why not give a try? I have purchased the following items.

World’s Smallest MicroSD TransFlash TF SD/SDHC USB 2.0 Card Read

2-in-1 LED + Pointer Flashlight

RJ45 Network Cable Extension Coupler

Super Mini Bluetooth 2.0 Adapter Dongle (Vista Compatible)

Smallest MicroSD TransFlash USB Card Reader with Cover (Blue)

Micro SD/TF Card Reader (Max.16GB)

Cigar Cutter Knife Scissor Tool Pocket

Colorful Stylus for NDS Lite (8-Stylus Pack)

Nap Zapper Alarm Anti Sleep Drowsy Alert for Drivers

Trigram Screw Driver for NDS NDSL and Wii



Besides above products, the store also sells various kinds of things of , such as: USB Gadgets, Others, iPad Accessories, Halloween Gadgets, Solar Powered, Laptops, Cameras & Acce, Batteries, $3 Gadgets, Home Electronics, Movie Souvenirs, MP4 & Media Player, Others, Cell Phone, Bags, Cell Phone Accessories, Children & Babies, Networking, Pet Care, iPhone & iPod, Everything Else, Other Occasion, Naughty Gadgets, Women’s Clothing, Gloves, DIY Parts, Other Apple Gadgets, Cable Management, Knives & Tools, Cell Phones, Apparels, Glasses, Keychain Gadgets, Pocket Games, PlayStation 2 3, Gadgets, Wii Nintendo, LED Clothing, Memory Card, PC & Accessories,

I think you could find your favortie items among them.


Other legit online stores I used to shopping at:

Amazon.com – Another biggest online platform. The price is a little higher than ebay. But the product quality is better than ebay.

BuyOnMe.com – BuyOnMe is a trustworthy site, selling cool gadgets at cheap price with free shipping service. The products are including cell phone & accessories, electronic gadgets, iphone & ipad accessories and other hard-to-find gadgets.It has live chat functions for importers and customers. And the replying speed of email and live chat is quickly. Sometimes my ordered product is out of stock, the guys of buyonme will refund me quickly (usually in 48 hours after placing an order). And then they will send me an email to inform it.

BuyOnMe.com Reviews – Legit china-based gadgets stores with free shipping. Located in China, a wholesale e-commerce company named BuyOnMe.com was founded in 2007. The operating mode of it is different from Alibaba platform, DHgate platform, or Aliexpress platform. BuyOnMe.com itself is the seller who produces products such as: Cell Phones, Wedding Apparel, Electronics, Computers, and sells them instead of an e-commerce trading platform providing clients with products information and other services. If you search “”how to buy made in prc products”" in Google, you will find this store in the front to the searching results.

Chinabuye Reviews – China Based. ChinaBuye.com is a China based online supermarket with super lowest price. We are engaged in transnational electronic products wholesale and retail. Our products include: Mobile phone, cell phone accessories, computer accessories, LED products, auto parts, game accessories, outdoor gadgets, indoor gadgets, and other cool gadgets.

DHgate.com Reviews – China Based e-Commerce Platform. DHgate is a B2B e-Commerce marketplace that has global online trade with China. DHgate.com is providing world class standards of China wholesale product sourcing, payment, tracking and delivery services to over 3 million buyers from over 230 countries, DHgate.com offers over 20 million product listings at any one time from over 650,000 dedicated China-based suppliers. You should know that not only one sellers on this website. There are almost over 10,000 chinese sellers using this platform to sell things.

Dealextreme – Dealextreme is one of the biggest china-based retail website. Sometimes the retail price is even lower than most wholesale sites. I have a lot of friends in Canada go to purchase on this site. The delivery speed is a little longer, usually taking a month or even more. But considering the products coming from China and the cheap price, that’s not a problem.

Ebay.com – The world’s biggest auction platform. You could find wholesale suppliers here. People should be careful about the low price scam.


You buy thing from the Internet, you never see the face of the seller, you just pay and wait for your package. It could not be imagined in 10 years ago. But it is reality now. Isn’t it wonderful?


People purchase more and more funny gadgets as gifts to their lovers from the Internet nowadays. Both the consumer behaviors and their life are changed.

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