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August 2, 2011 by mommy070911  
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Would you like to get free stuff more then just a stupid sample how about the real deal.

For the past few years i have been searching and signing up to these so called site that are truely free site. All i seem to find in samples. Yea a sample is cool every now and then however i want to get real stuff for free like games, shoes, jewerly, baby stuff. Where can i go to get this type of stuff free. After sign up for site after site i finally come to find two site that work best for me. 

The frist site is points to shop. Here on this site you earn stuff for free by doing online survery, doing online task, playing games, watching videos, and completing offers. Now you don’t have to pay a cent to joing and they don’t spam your email account ever. I think if any emails i got for are few and far between. Yes there are some offer that do cost money but you don’t have to do. Just do the thing you want. I my self earn point my points by doing surverys.  

Ok well what kinds of prizes can you get from here. Well have you ever been to Amazon.com well anything you can find there. Anyone from any country is allowed to join. Just that countrys other then America, Cannada, and the UK. Will just have to join cashle to earn cash instead of points. but hey it free money. If you are in America, Canada, or UK. just simply sign in to cashle.com with your point2shop screen name and earn cash instead of points. If you join today they will start you off with 250 points

Click on this banner to go start earn your point today

<a href=”http://www.points2shop.com/?ref=uin1278155754″><img src=”http://points2shop.com/images/promotionbanners/468×60-Banner.gif” border=”0″/></a>

Also there is a site call Swagbucks this site is only good for people in the USA, Cananda, and UK. However most prizes are for the USA. They add new prizes all the time so don’t if you don’t see what you like. Also email them and tell them what you would like to see. 

On this site its just lke points to shop however you can’t earn cash. You earn your points aka swagbuck by watching videos, doing online searchs like you would with your favorite search engine, doing online task, completing offers. They are also free and will not vost you a cent to join. If you join today they will start you off with 35 swagbucks.

Click on this banner to start earning you swagbucks

<a target=”_top” href=”http://swagbucks.com/refer/mommy0709″><img alt=”Search & Win” title=”Search & Win” border=”0″ src=”http://prodegebanners.sitegrip.com/images/swagbucks-468×60Alt.jpg”></a>

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