Tutorial, How to Get Free Stuff From Amazon.com

September 25, 2011 by SomethingElse  
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A realistic look at how to get products for free through Amazon.com. Tutorial on what I’ve found works best.

For the past few years  I’ve been looking into the idea of making money online, I knew right from the beginning  that I wasn’t going to get rich, I just wanted a good way to earn a little extra in my free time. I started trying many different options beginning with about 15 different survey sites, and while these had some positives I wasn’t as happy as I wanted to be with any of them. With the survey sites my main issue was that there wasn’t enough content, each of the sites would generally send 3 to 5 surveys a month, each paying 1 to 5 dollars for completion. This coupled with the fact that you only qualified for about half the surveys in a good month really put a cap on the amount of money to be made, and while I did find decent success with these sites I eventually decided to look for other opportunities.

I had heard about the idea of the “Get paid to” Before I knew about surveys sites, the primary reason that I stayed away at first was that all the sites I looked at where crammed with offers that needed money down, and wanted credit card info. After my participation in taking surveys faded I decided to sign up for one of the better looking “GPT’s” and give it a try. My experience was disappointing to say the least, offers didn’t approve, site support didn’t respond, all the trouble really got me down, I really thought this would be a good opportunity. After my bad first impression I kind of gave up on the GPT and went back to doing surveys, at least for a while.

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Sometime more recently I was referred to another GPT and decided to look around. As skeptical as I was at first there where some very nice characteristics to this website that other GPT’s lacked. The first thing was that the community was massive! A website that has 1 million + members must be doing something right. The second thing was the large amount of content to gain points off of. The affiliation with Amazon.com was also nice since that meant that just about any item I wanted to get would be available, they also had some very unique items like iTunes gift card codes that are sent directly to your email.

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