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July 26, 2011 by mommy070911  
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I well for the past year I have been searching for ways to get free stuff. Good free stuff not just a simple of 2oz of juice or a coupon.

I want so real cool stuff free not just stuff like a playstation 3 i mean come one get real those thing cost money not just a few dollar more like a few hundred. Who will give you something like that for free. 

Now don’t get me wrong there are sites out there saying they will if you sign up for services or and you have to sign up for like 3 +. Then never get the item. Also i had signed up for points sites but they want a crazy amount of points for the simplest things. so there was no way i would be able get a gift card let alone something cool. I did find 2 honest site where the points are no crazy high and easy enough to earn stuff for free. It will take a little of your time. But not any of your money.

Well anyways after me searching how to get stuff free on the net. I did find 2 sites that works best for me. You can get stuff like Amazon gifts cards, or other awesome prizes 

The first site is called points2shop here you earn points by doing online task, watching videos, doing surveys, and completely offers. Yes some of these offers can cost you but you don’t have to choose them. Don’t worry it doesn’t cost you one red cent to join this site. Also make money by telling you Friend or sign in with there sister site. And male cash the same way. Here you can get anything off of amazon.com

Swagbuck is also a awesome to join they don’t cost a thing to join like points2shop. However they have another cool way to earn points aka swagbuck. You can ear  point by doing online searches. Like you would to with google or your favorite searches engine just the best part is you earn swagbucks.

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