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March 15, 2009 by lorriears  
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This article offers busy women links to shopping sites that specialize in fashion, accessories, and beauty.

Shopping Sites for Women on the Go! Ever wonder how women today have the time to shop? In today’s fast-paced world, more and more women find themselves juggling work, marriage, and motherhood. Searching the web remains the most popular way to find women’s accessories, fashion, and unique sites that offer information on health and beauty tips. Contemporary females might be career-oriented and independent, but they still want to be pampered. is a small, but growing shopping site that sells affordable items and drop ships them right to your door. From handbags, briefcases, to perfume and jewelry…you are bound to find something

While there are literally thousands of sites for busy females, iVillage is both informative and convenient, highlighting topics such as women’s beauty trends, weddings, and products. The site also sends a free newsletter for women that highlights information on hot products and personal makeovers. What more does the busy female need?

And what busy woman hasn’t visited BizRate? This website offers hundreds of links to access women’s apparel, shoes, electronics and other name-brand fashion items. You won’t be disappointed to find thousands of affordable products that can come your way through the comfort of on-line shopping!

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