How to Keep Your Man

April 25, 2010 by Conviron Pucate Altatis  
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Man is promiscuous by nature. Well, so true. But there are ways to keep your man from cheating on you. Here are some tips:

When we talk about cheating on a spouse, the first thing that comes to mind is the husband. That is stereotyping. Don’t you think so?

Promiscuous Men are Accepted, Promiscuous Women? Diabolic.

But we can’t blame people who think that men cheat more than women do in a relationship. Due to the fact that men are more prone to being promiscuous, women who cheat are considered diabolic. But when men cheat, they will just get a nod or a shrug on the shoulders. Again, that is stereotyping.

So why do people cheat in a relationship? The first culprit will be the cheater who is not faithful or strong enough to resist the temptation. The second culprit is the one cheated on for not knowing how to prevent such infidelity.

As I’ve mentioned, men are more prone to cheating. So how should women keep their man? How could women prevent them from cheating? There are three things to consider.

Don’t Step on that Male Pride

The first thing we need to consider is the male pride. As the head of the household, the man needs to maintain the respect at home. Men tend to hate going home when they are looked down upon at home. If they suffer from inferiority complex or identity crisis at home, they resort to hanging out with their friends who give them the proper respect. And when men are with their friends, chances are, they gallivant around which eventually leads to cheating on their wives. So, women should always make their man feel that he is the head of the household and he deserves a substantial amount of respect. In a nutshell, step on your man’s foot but never on his pride.

Men are Easily Fed Up

Another thing that women need to know is that men are easily fed up. Being adventurous is a male nature in a sense that they always love to try something new. This explains the reason why men tend to get fed up with their wife so they look for a younger and more adventurous mistress. Women, it might be insulting to admit but the main reason for this infidelity is the wife who doesn’t know how to keep the man’s enthusiasm. Do not let this happen to you. Do not trap your man in a boring routine marriage life. Once in a while, surprise your man by showing some parts of you he never even thought was existent.

Balance the Attention- Not too Jealous, Not too Nonchalant

One more thing that women need to do is to balance the attention given to the man. Do not be too jealous or too nonchalant. It’s not flattering for a man to have a too jealous wife. If the wife nags at home, the man is better off with his friends outside. And if the wife hates talking to the man like she has tonsillitis all the time, the man is also better off with his friends outside. Give your man just enough attention then as too much of a good thing is not good.

If the wife knows how to handle his man well, his man wouldn’t cheat on her. Always think of the three things- man’s pride, enthusiasm, and attention.  

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4 Responses to “How to Keep Your Man”
  1. sara20 Says:

    Interesting post, just today i know more about it. Good subject selection for writing articles. Thanks for sharing this good one.


  2. lumiscence Says:

    Thought provoking
    Add one more point
    Do not deny your man sex because you are taken up with the kids.
    Do not make your woman feel that she is not good enough. She may seek reassurance from someone else

  3. rane Says:

    Men Men Men……they always find reasons and excuses just to justify their actions….anyway this article is helpful for women…..

  4. rain Says:

    good post! balance is important in every relationship..

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